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lol: german pro gets fired immediately after horrible name is

The German LoL pro Jona “Reptile” Fritz has lost the chance of a great career in League of Legends. He lost his job as the starting ADC at Fnatic TQ and will probably forever be linked to a scandal: Because he had a second account with a completely unthinkable name: Hitler

What was the player accused of?

  • A post appeared on reddit on Sunday: the ADC of the junior team Fnatic TQ have a second account called “Hitler119”. The account even has level 267 and was only played 2 months ago (via
  • The German logged into one of his second accounts during a Twitch stream and its name was “Hitler119”: The reddit user says that’s impossible, especially as Germans we learned so much about the dictator and mass murderer at school, there would be no excuse.
  • Just hours after this news broke on reddit, Fnatic TQ fired the player. Fnatic is one of the biggest and most important LoL teams in Europe.

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Team fires him shortly after Reddit post

This is what Fnatic TC says: They say the “events on stream” have shown that he does not represent the values ​​of the team and Quesco. He’s not the role model you’d expect from a representative of the two organizations (via twitter).

So the contract was terminated.

In the comments to the tweet, even more punishment is called for: a fine, compulsory courses for PR professionals or surveillance of behavior.

The punishment does not correspond to the seriousness of the crime.

This is what the player says: He didn’t name his account that himself (via twitter). His mistake was sharing his account with a friend. He takes full responsibility for sharing the account, but he didn’t realize the account now had that name, which “is unacceptable.”

“Again, it was my terrible mistake and I’m ready to face the consequences.”

Friend names character without worrying about the consequence

Why did his friend name the account that way? The friend in question says: He renamed the account half a year ago without thinking about the consequences that would have.

He did it as a gag because in June 2022 someone thanked “Hitler199” on Twitter for “6 months” without apparently understanding who Hitler was. “6 months” apparently means that the user has renewed their Twitch subscription for 6 months. Streamers say thank you for the financial support of regular viewers.

Twitter discussed: How could you have gotten out of the number?

How is this discussed? There is a discussion on Twitter: The situation alone was terrible, but the professional behaved unfavorably afterwards and did not react immediately. That a friend would have renamed the account without his knowledge is seen as an “excuse”. The Reddit user who made the revelation even publicly disputes the story.

There’s a discussion going on on Twitter about how to get out of the hopeless situation of having an account with such a name publicly revealed (via twitter).

A user gives the tips:

  • Tweet immediately – don’t delete anything, don’t cover up anything. Immediately admit what happened
  • Saying you have “edgy friends” used to be “edgy” yourself – but now you have to grow up and will do it
  • Announce that you are against everything fascistic, hypocritical and against Nazis.
  • Announce that you will raise a large donation, part of the salary or all of the streaming revenue to the fight against fascism.

The user says: “It’s too late now, this should have happened immediately.”

It’s almost a meme now that young esports pros shoot themselves up in the dumbest possible way before they even get started:

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