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LoL patch 13.2 will not arrive on the established date

Hours ago, Riot Games confirmed that we will not have patch 13.2 of League of Legends (LoL), at least for now. Instead, they will release an intermediate version that will be available from January 26. Is aboutl patch 13.1B and, for the peace of mind of many, it will include most of the content that they planned to launch with the 13.2 update.


Due a cyber attack and a problem with the source code, Riot Games has been forced to change plans for this version. It is because of that we will not have a version 13.2 unless things change for the next few days. However, being an intermediate version, it must be made clear that not all the updates that had been announced in the first instance will arrive.

There will be no League of Legends patch 13.2

will be next 26 of January when Riot Games finally releases patch 13.1B. Although we have already been introduced the official release notes, the developer is clear that you have to wait until its launch. They are working to have everything resolved and it seems that by the end of this week they could put an end to all the problems that have been generated after the cyberattack.

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For now, this change of plans will not affect Riot Games’ official update schedule. From the company they have confirmed that patch 13.3 is still set to launch on February 8. This version will include the news skins valentine’s day. Now it remains to wait for them to solve all the problems that came along with the cyberattack and prevent them from happening again in the future.

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remember that it will be on January 26 when patch 13.1B arrives on the official League of Legends server and will include all changes to ADCs that have sounded so much during the last days.

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