LoL players are frustrated after patch: Junglers receive less XP than usual

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lol players are frustrated after patch: junglers receive less xp

Players in League of Legends discuss the jungle. They notice that they receive less XP than usual. Riot then responded with an emergency patch. MeinMMO tells you what’s behind it.

In the world of League of Legends, the player base has noticed some changes in the jungle with the release of the latest patch 13.20. One of the main goals of this update is to reduce jungler dominance in all phases of the game and make the game overall more balanced and fun.

But while many of the changes have been explained in the official patch notes, a subtle loss of experience points (due to a bug) in the jungle has left some players puzzled and frustrated. Riot has now responded with an emergency patch.

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XP loss in the jungle due to bugs

How do the players react? A user with the name 6ajmon reported on Reddit about his experiences in practice mode, in which he killed all the monsters in the jungle with Shaco. He noticed that if he moved too far away from the defeated camps, the XP reward decreased, as if he had not purchased a jungle item.

But the discussion extended beyond Shaco. DoomComp emphasizes that this issue affects all junglers and is not limited to a specific champion. Players’ surprise and concern was heard on Reddit.

Players like Retocyn have expressed concerns about champions like Lillia, reporting similar XP losses. Another Reddit user, SliceAndDies, pointed out that even Master Yi doesn’t get full XP when using his Alpha Strike.

There are also other bugs in the game – Riot responds with an emergency patch

Xanhomey is annoyed and describes more bugs: I don’t mean to sound mean, but is the game tested before the update? That’s not the only big bug in this patch, Tryndamere’s E doesn’t deal damage and Illaois E doesn’t work on certain champions for some reason.

Is a solution in sight? In the midst of these discussions, Riot employee Phreak speaks out in the Reddit thread. He assured players that Riot has already identified the issues that have arisen and is working on a micropatch to fix the bugs that are occurring.

And in fact. The League development team confirmed Xthat they have already fixed the bugs. According to the developers, the problems should no longer occur.

What actually changed in the jungle? You can read the full patch notes for 13.20, with numerous changes, on the official LoL website. One of the notable adjustments concerns Smite. Players who are quick to panic at crucial moments no longer need to worry about accidentally aiming at the wrong target.

If you press the Smite button without targeting a specific target, the closest epic monster in the area will automatically be targeted and smited. This makes it easier for junglers to smite dragons and the Baron, even if, for example, a huge Cho’ Gath would stand in the way.

Smite’s damage against champions and pets has been reduced, it now functions primarily as a slow.

Among other things, the following was changed:

  • Jungle monsters now have higher health values ​​- health now scales past level 11.
  • Limits have been placed on monster kill healing and companion healing per second that junglers can receive from the jungle. The attack damage of the monsters has been reduced for the early phase of the game.
  • Non-jungler camps now have more health to encourage laners to focus on minions in their lane and make jungle poaching more difficult.
  • The lane minion experience rules have been revised to discourage junglers from stealing minions and improve game balance.

Have you also noticed any unexpected problems or bugs in the game since the recent patch? Feel free to share your experiences with us in the comments.

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