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LoL: Pro Says He Hardly Ever Played, Was Kicked Off Team – “Vendetta Against Me”


LoL: Pro Says He Hardly Ever Played, Was Kicked Off Team – “Vendetta Against Me”

In League of Legends, the fight behind the scenes seems to be rough. 28-year-old professional Andrei “Odoamne” Pascu played for Rogue for 2 years, even became champion in the LEC there in 2022, but has now had to leave the team. He believes he fell victim to a scheme by his manager. Particularly bizarre: the manager is said to have told other teams that they did not need to contact the professional. He’ll retire after the year anyway.

Who is Odoamne?

  • The Romanian has been playing LoL in top lane for ages, has been a pro since 2013. From 2018 to 2020 he had a turbulent time at Schalke 04, where he played for 2 years. But Schalke couldn’t keep him: They later sold their professional license in 2021 due to financial difficulties after the soccer team was relegated from the Bundesliga.
  • But for the Romanian, the move away from Schalke turned out to be a stroke of luck, because he ended up with Rogue, when they were going through a strong phase: In the summer of 2022, Rogue even became the superior champion in the LEC, with Odoamne in the top lane. In the finals, Rogue won 3-0 against G2 after previously knocking out MAD Lions and Fnatic.
  • Odoamne had a great season with a 6.42 KDA, especially in the Spring Split, only 2 of his teammates from Rogue and the stat bump Upset were stronger.

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Odoamne said: Although he became champion, Rogue never tried to keep him

How was Odoamne after the championship? The Romanian surprisingly switched from the champion to “Excel ESports”, who had only finished sixth last year. So a sporty descent for the Romanians.

Back in 2022, he had complained that Rogue hadn’t even tried to renew his contract (via dotesports).

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Player says manager sabotaged his career

This is what the player says about the change: In an official broadcast, the player raises serious allegations against his former team.

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Odoamne says he played the best LoL of his life last year, stronger than ever. Felt like I finally arrived as a pro.

The management also gave him great signals, he was sure throughout the year that he was the first option for Rogue and was counting on a contract extension. But things turned out differently:

The person who made the transfer decisions told other teams I would retire at the end of the year and they didn’t need to contact me. For me it feels like a vendetta – just because I didn’t get along with this person privately. […]

The Romanian still says that his new team is great, but you don’t really buy that from him.

Vendetta describes an old form of private retribution, a “vendetta”: it is a dispute that has lost all measure and is escalating, something very personal.

Fans demand consequences for the manager

How is this discussed? Odoamne is a popular player and is considered one of the top 3 laners in Europe. LoL fans discuss very critically on reddit how he was treated.

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It’s hard to believe that the Romanian is making such blatant accusations in an official broadcast that one would rather expect such statements in a podcast – actually the ball is now up to RIot to act. Riot should actually punish the manager who lied about the end of Odoamne’s career.

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Apparently, the fans’ anger is directed at the manager of Rogue (now KOI), 33-year-old Bulgarian Tomiaslav “flyy” Mihailov. However, there is no statement from him about the allegations that the top laner is making against him.

Life as a LoL pro does not only have sunny sides:

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