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LoL: Team fan yells “cheat” because Riot bans last minute champ they had so much success with

There are 163 champions in League of Legends. But US team 100 Thieves jungler Can “Closer” Çelik has picked Viego as his favorite hero. He recently had great success with him and heaved his team “100 Thieves” into the playoffs. Now this champ of all people is to be excluded from the competition during the playoffs in the USA because of a bug. He’s worried, a fan is already yelling “sliding”.

What is it with this hero?

  • The Turk Closer (24) is known for his game with Viego. Most recently, he had picked the hero 3 times in the crucial part of the season and won all 3 games with him. He had a KDA of 11.8, which is excellent.
  • For the “100 Thieves” team, the performance was enough to just about make it into the LoL playoffs with a winning streak of 5 wins in a row and to save an already messed up season. They finished 3rd in the LCS with 10-8, while big US teams like TSM or Team Liquid missed the playoffs with 8-10.
  • But now there’s bad news for 100 Thieves and Closer.

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Riot spontaneously bans Viego because of “game-breaking bug”

This was the message: As Closer writes on Twitter, an LCS admin announced that Viego would not be available in the playoffs.


The reason is a “game-breaking” bug that has just been identified with Viego.

For the time being, Viego will not be playable in professional games.

Viego LoL

This is how Closer reacts: He writes with a wink: Surely Riot Games can fix it again until the important playoff game against FlyQuest.

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A fan shouts: It’s all a move because of money or ratings

How are the fans reacting? 100 Thieves fans on reddit are seriously worried about their chances of winning without Viego. Although Closer also played well with Wukong and Lee Sin, his play with Viego was exceptional.

The fans are also annoyed that Riot Games simply blocks the hero instead of fixing the bug – especially since this is not a bug that is well known.

Viego’s failure is now like every team 100 Thieves is up against has one more “free ban” because you don’t have to take Viego out of the pool of available heroes in the jungle.


A fan on reddit goes even further: he says he’s lost “all respect”. The game was fake because of the money or because of the ratings. He will not be silent, he saw it live.

But that doesn’t really seem to make sense, as Closer plays for 100 Thieves, star player Bjergsen’s team. 100 Thieves is one of the most popular LoL teams with the Dane.

This is behind it: This is an exciting case, because such bugs can actually distort competition.


But that is ultimately every balance patch.

LoL professionals are expected to be able to adapt to any situation. It couldn’t be more unfortunate that the hero you’re having a blast with right now but actually gets banned hours before the crucial games.

Again and again bugs in LoL cause problems in the competition:


LoL: A serious bug decides an important professional game – despite a 42-minute break, Riot does nothing