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LoL: Team NNO is 0-2 games and 3:11 kills behind in an important game, is stone dead – until a risky play changes everything

Yesterday evening, on September 27th, the duel between Hertha BSC and No Need Orga took place in League of Legends: It was about promotion to the Prime League: Everything went well for Hertha BSC, they were overwhelmingly superior, there were still a few minutes to decide the series and bag promotion to the 1st league. But one man didn’t want to go down so quietly: Niklot “Tolkin” Stüber (24).

Why was the game so important? It was about promotion to the 1st Prime League:

  • Hertha BSC had invested a lot in the team, put together a super squad, brought in players with a lot of experience, above all the Pole Mateusz “Matislaw” Zagórski, a 26-year-old midlaner. Hertha had dominated most of the season in the second division.
  • No Need Orga, on the other hand, consists of Twitch streamers, some of them ex-professionals who were actually over their careers. Top planner Tolkin had ended his professional career in 2020 and started a job as a caster – but now had to quit so he could play for promotion.

Yesterday’s match was a nice appetizer before Worlds kicks off in a few days:

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Berlin is overwhelmingly superior – a few minutes before being promoted to the 1st league

How did the match go? From Hertha BSC’s point of view, it was a walk in the park: The Berliners were overwhelmingly superior for two and a half games, could do whatever they wanted on the map, got every objective and took apart the scattered NNO players at will.

it seemed like

  • as Hertha plays and acts as a unit
  • as if NNO were 5 people playing together, each doing their own thing and not being able to act strategically

Every Herald, every Dragon, every Baron went to Hertha, NNO didn’t have a chance to get into the games at all.

Above all, the supporter of NNO, Karni, served as a side snack on Nautilus, which Hertha BSC kept eating. Jungler Agurin could hardly put accents. Midlaner NoWay looked left alone and was ganked early on by opposing jungler Lamabear.

At Hertha, ADC Coldraa was in top form and scored two quadrakills.

It looked really really bad.

Especially against Jinx, NNO found no answer at all:

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The first two matches were quickly lost, in match 3 NNO was actually hopelessly behind at 25 minutes:

Hertha BSC led with 11:3 kill and had a lead of almost 6,000 gold – the match seemed already decided.

LoL League of Legends Aatrox Title
Aatrox proved to be a key pick for NNO

Tolkin goes all in with Aatrox

What play changed everything? Everything was actually eaten, Hertha only had to close the bag:

  • Hertha had just grabbed the Baron, losing the supporter in the process, but also killing NNO’s jungler and routing Topplaner Tolkin
  • The ADC Broeki caught the opponents with a rocket, but there was too much distance to the opponents. Hertha was on her way to the base to regroup. The next attack would be with Baron-Buff, NNO would hardly be able to stop it
  • There was actually no longer any danger: NNO had no view of the retreat path and could no longer snap the opponents.

But Topplaner Tolkin on Aatrox turned the situation around with a single play: he used the “Flash” ability to blindly teleport into enemies and caught 2 enemies fleeing, the rushing NoWay got the 3rd kill.

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Why was the play so risky? The summoner spell flash is extremely important and has a long cool down. If you’re “blind-flashing” and no one is where you think they are, you can look like the last idiot who wasted your all-important tool. Or Tolkin could have jumped to certain death in 4 players knocking him out instantly: a high-risk play.

“Tolkin from Hell”

How was the kill viewed? The game’s casters had almost given up the game, but suddenly saw it as a sEsports Extrasof life from NNO. The cast said:

Tolkin from Hell, just walk over that wall […] even shot blind, I think. Didn’t even see him. […] A ray of hope for NNO, who can probably also secure the 2nd Drake with it and only because Tolkin – and this has to be said here – really has balls of steel and simply goes over into 3 men.

This happened after the kill: As the caster said, that was actually just a ray of hope – just a nuance that shouldn’t normally make a difference: Then Hertha would win 5 minutes later. But no.

This one action by Tolkin completely changed the flow of the match. Suddenly everyone from NNO was playing two to three classes better:

  • This made the other 4 players “very good LoL players”,
  • but Tolkin, who was already strong before, now became a hard-hitting killer machine, who did everything, who won every duel, no matter how close, and who became the match-winner for NNO.

In the further course of the encounter he got another solo kill in the top lane, successfully tanked 3 opponents in a group fight and almost tore down the base at the decisive moment.

Tolkin suddenly had God mode active:

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At the end of the series, when it came to choosing who the match’s MVP was, there were 3 players to choose from: Tolkin, Tolkin, and Tolkin.

The Hertha players, on the other hand, suddenly seemed to have doubts about everything. Although they had been so powerful before, it now looked like someone had pulled the plug on them and they were resigning themselves to their fate of being reverse-swept “again” against a team they previously controlled had.

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Tolkin, the old pump almost exploded

What does Tolkin himself say about the action? The top laner is also one of the biggest twitch streamers for LoL in Germany. In the post-match interview, he said:

Game 3… it was rough. We were pretty shocked by the vision and then we had bad teamfight positioning in that one fight and then…my heart almost exploded. We recorded the video, with the 2 of us as old men, grandfather Broeki, grandfather Tolkin – and my pump in the blind flash play – so I was. I was so scared it would go wrong, but I trusted myself in the second and… hey, we have the reverse sweep. It just worked. So – why not?

Why did a player as strong as Tolkin never make it into the LEC? Tolkin says he’s had 2 chances to break into an LEC team. But I “fucked the promo” both times.

As Tolkin himself says, he was: “too good for the German scene, too bad for the LEC” (via youtube).

After the missed opportunity to move to the LEC, it wouldn’t have made sense to keep trying either, so he “retired”. If he can now play Prime League 1 again with his friends at NNO, that would be cool.

You can read more about the game that reached so many viewers yesterday and was such a highlight of the LoL year here:

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