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LoL: What will the new Battle Pass look like? This is all that Riot Games has shown


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League of Legends is facing a year of great technical changes and one of them will be the complete transformation of events. The developers have announced that throughout the just-started Season 12 will be included in the title the Battle Passes to try to improve progression systems. We know for a fact that these event passes will be available from next summer and it is time to review what is all that this new functionality will add.

This will be the League of Legends Battle Passes

The developers have ensured that this time they are serious about modernizing the events and have already revealed a few clues about what we can expect when this system is ready. The objective is make the system clearer and more satisfactory, trying to keep some of the best features of the events like the ability to choose which rewards we want to keep and which we are not the least bit interested in.

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New Leaguue of Legends event passes will have free rewards - League of Legends
New Leaguue of Legends Event Passes Will Get Free Rewards

Among the most outstanding details that we know so far is …

  • The Battle Pass will have 50 levels and upon completion we will have access to an additional level that is constantly repeated and rewards us with additional tokens
  • There will be no skins included in the Battle Pass since the objective is that the players choose their rewards. However, some tiers will have additional prizes to accompany the tokens. It could be Chromas, Blue Essences, Experience, and more enhancements.
  • Event missions will now go to bring experience to level up in the Battle Pass, staying similar. Your progress will probably adjust.
  • Players who do not purchase the Battle Pass during an event will continue to access free rewards. Initially it is intended that they obtain an orb and 150 tokens, so there will be more prize even if we do not invest in this new League of Legends system. All of these rewards would be at levels below 30.
  • The initial content and price of the Battle Passes for each event will remain intactIt will cost 1650 Riot Points and will include 200 event tokens accompanied by 4 orbs.
  • They will be included small amounts of the new currency to unlock the most exclusive skins in the game.

Adjustments to events have been one of the most common requests among the community among the League of Legends community and the new progression system is the first step to an improvement that should also reduce the demand for hours to unlock the most important rewards .

After Zeri and the other two champions were officially announced for 2022, it appears that Riot Games has planned to revolutionize Summoner’s Rift … and especially in the marksman position.

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