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Lollipop Chainsaw Returns: Cheerleaders and Zombies Remake!

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The game line-up for 2023 continues to grow, this time with a sugar-sweet zombie massacre: The weird cult game Lollipop Chainsaw by Suda51 is supposed to get a remake next year.

While it’s not yet known which platforms the new hack-and-slash game will be for, the return of high school girl Juliet Starling is certain, and that’s with the original’s producer, Yoshimi Yasuda.

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Otherwise, both long-established Lollipop Chainsaw developers and newcomers are working on the project, which this time is supposed to come to the screens with more realistic graphics – so be prepared for a lot of disgust and guts, sweetened with brightly colored teenage charm and cheeky humor.

Visually cute, but with a chainsaw in hand, attractive Juliet easily causes a zombie bloodbath in Lollipop Chainsaw

Perhaps a slight downer for fans of the original is that the game will likely get a new soundtrack for the most part. This is due to licensing issues.

Yasuda explains the remake announcement: “Unfortunately, various factors have led to the fact that fans can no longer easily play Lollipop Chainsaw.” For example, the fact that the action game was not on the list of backwards compatible Xbox games ensured that it was many were no longer accessible.

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This limited access to the game was a reason for the reboot and Yasuda’s team to acquire the copyright to Lollipop Chainsaw from former owner Kadokawa Games.

“Our goal is to make it possible for those who want to play Lollipop Chainsaw. Look forward to the game’s release in 2023,” said Yasuda.

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Like Suda51 from other titles like No More Heroes, Lollipop Chainsaw combined weird, colorful elements with action and beatings. The main character goes on a zombie hunt with her ex-boyfriend, a disembodied head.

James Gunn, who was involved in Marvel films and other blockbusters in Hollywood, among other things, wrote the screenplay for the bizarre spectacle, which was received rather mixed at the time, but will have another chance for a successful release next year.

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