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LoL’s oldest game mode has fewer and fewer players – Should be deleted and replaced

League of Legends has tried many different game modes over the years since release. At the very beginning there was the “Blind Pick”, even before there were ranked games. But the mode should apparently disappear for good and be replaced by a new, better variant.

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What is Blind Pick? This is a normal match in League of Legends, but without a draft like in ranked plays.

The mode is particularly exciting for beginners without having to go straight to the hard school of ranked plays. In addition, a match usually starts faster because the selection of the champions happens simultaneously and without bans.

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But now this game mode steeped in history should disappear from LoL, but not without replacement. In fact, they are working on a mode that should better implement the advantages of the “blind pick”.

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In ranked mode, your MMR determines how strong your opponents are. There is more information in the video:


LoL: Video shows correlation between ranking position, MMR and league points


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Quick Play starts the match even faster

This is quick play: In a dev video on Twitter, those responsible at LoL presented a few innovations. Including the revision of the champion Skarner, but also the new mode “Quick Play”, which should replace Blind Pick:

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From minute 03:40 the game director Pu Liu talks about the new mode. This is intended to improve the overall gaming experience.


Unlike blind pick, in quick play you choose your preferred roles and preferred champions. You could choose multiple roles and champions.

When the game starts, you will be briefly shown which role and which champion you have been given. Then it goes directly into the gameplay. So you completely save yourself the time of champion selection.

Why is blind pick canceled? It’s a test of whether you can get more players interested in non-ranked matches with a new game mode for normal matches.


Pu Liu says in the video above that the mode is losing more and more players and is even the game mode with the fewest players.

When choosing a champion, you then lose the opportunity to react to your own team’s picks and choose suitable champions. But since Blind Pick has so few players, you want to try something new.

Here you can expect further experiments in the future to find an optimal mode that is available for the normal ones in addition to ranked play.


Leave your opinions about Quick Play. How would you rebuild the blind pick to make the mode more successful again? Write a comment on the topic.