lossless music, AI, audiobooks, price

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lossless music, ai, audiobooks, price

Spotify has been with us for more than 15 years, being considered the most popular streaming music application in the world. When it was released, it had practically no rival, but today we have Amazon Music, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Tidal and more. The competition has already gone ahead when it comes to putting lossless musicbut now we finally have news about Spotify HiFiincluding their news and price.

Just as WhatsApp is considered the most popular instant messaging application despite the fact that other apps have more functions, the same can be said about Spotify. The success of these applications largely rests on the fact that they were the first to come out. Being innovative at the moment and attracting clients has allowed it to be known as the most popular music streaming application.

These are the new features that the new Spotify HiFi subscription will bring

Spotify HiFi News

Spotify really gives us a large number of songs, a simple and intuitive interface, the possibility of following our friends and their favorite songs or listening to podcasts. In any case, what it lacks and others like Manzana Music If they offer it is the fact of having lossless music. He lossless format It allows us to enjoy songs with the highest level of quality via streaming. In the case of Apple we have had it since 2021moment when Spotify HiFi was going to launchbut we already saw that the bitten apple destroyed his plans.

Now, after more than two years, more details have been revealed about this Spotify HiFi subscription, called “Premium“(Super+Premium). Precisely under that name there has been talk of a subscription service with 24-bit lossless, delay-free audio. Although this is its greatest incentive, it has also been discovered that it will allow us to listen 30 hours of audiobooks per month. Other additions would be the possibility of customizing the order of the playlists by song. Here we have very curious settings such as organize them by their BPM or by “mood.”

It will be priced at $19.99 per month, almost double the current Premium

Spotify HiFi

These are functions that will allow us to do the AI in the form of a DJ, which we already talked about a while ago. This will learn from us and will discover new things. songs depending on our tastes. To do this, a proof Sound and from this, it will suggest songs that match what we are looking for. This Spotify HiFi subscription called Supremium also reveals its price, which is quite high, it must be said.

We’re talking about paying $19.99 per month for having lossless music along with all the functions mentioned above. This would mean almost double the 10.99 dollars/euros What does the individual Premium cost? Although the price may be a mere indicative, the company did previously talk about launching a Platinum subscription for exactly that same price. At the moment, this is a mere discovery by the user Hypixely on Reddit, so it is not something officially announced. However, the fact that this information was found in the application could mean that it is close to being launched.

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