Lost Ark gives you more gifts tomorrow – And 8 hours server down

Lost Ark’s weekly update arrives on April 14, but players are already disappointed. Although the developers are accommodating to the fans, many players are missing some content. We at MeinMMO summarize.

What’s in the update? This week’s Lost Ark weekly update is again a little smaller than we’re used to. Nevertheless, the patch brings new gifts for you in the . and extends the login rewards for this month.

Amazon and Smilegate are thus reacting to a discussion that flared up this week in the forum and reddit. There players felt punished by the fact that there were not enough gifts for their taste.

Otherwise, the update leaves a lot to be desired. The in-game clock, which is still wrong, has not been fixed, nor is new content finding its way into the game.

You can find the full content of tomorrow’s update here:

  • Some preparations are being made in the backend of the . to prepare the game for the content of the next few weeks.
  • The login event will be extended by a week and 6 new rewards and will now end on April 21st.
    • The 6 rewards are a total of 500,000 Silver, 3 Battle Item Chests, 30 Phoenix Feathers, 2x Fusion Material Box, 3x Leap Essences, and 5 tickets to complete the daily quests immediately.

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So far, the update has not met with much approval in the community. Because the error that has been showing incorrect event times since the time change in Lost Ark will not be fixed this week either. In the patch two weeks ago, however, it was announced that work was being done on it. In addition, many players expected the new class and the new continent.

The patch from last week was not well received by the fans.

How long is the maintenance? The servers will be shut down at 9:00 am German time and are expected to remain offline for 8 hours. According to the current status, you can only start again at 5:00 p.m.

We will of course keep you up to date on the maintenance work in this article.

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The players disagree

What are the fans saying? Below the tweet announcing the update, the very first reactions to the patch notes are not very positive. Many fans are annoyed that the time bug has still not been fixed. However, most players are more annoyed that the big April update will not appear this week either.

However, some players are hoping that next week’s patch will finally bring the new class, the spear bearer, into play. The users already had this hope for this week, as many expected that the big update would come at the end of the login event. Since this update was postponed a week, some players are now expecting the patch next week.

Others praise Amazon for improving the game a little every week, albeit in small increments. They plead that you can’t expect something super awesome every week.

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We would like to reproduce some of the comments here in order to capture the first mood:

  • Paru writes, and gets 90 likes, for: “No southern vern, no spear bearer, oh man. At least we have 5 PvP tournaments that nobody cares about.”
  • SeibaX_ writes: “Finally! It looks like the April update I’m so excited for is finally coming in May.”
  • MightyKaseroo writes: “Oh man this post is getting so much hate I should have gotten some popcorn. But let’s be fair, none of us thought they were bringing the April update until the last week of April.”
  • Eike sees it more positively: “Then at least I have more time to farm materials for my spear bearer, that’s nice too. I can’t wait for the end of the month.”

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What do you think of the update? Are you excited to have an extra week to prepare for the big stuff? Or do you also think that the update in April is way too late? Write it to us in the comments here at MeinMMO.

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