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Lost Ark: How to get the two songs Song of Resonance and Forest's Minuet

If you want to collect all the achievements in Lost Ark, find all the Mokoko seeds and generally fill up all the content in the adventure tome, you also need a few songs for this. In this guide, we at MeinMMO reveal how you can get the Song of Resonance and Forest's Minuet.

What do I need the two songs for? You will encounter the song Forest's Minuet quite early in the game. Right on the first map it is needed to find 2 moko seeds at once.

To unlock the song, however, you need the Song of Resonance. That's why we'll tell you in this guide directly how I get both songs.

Unlock the Song of Resonance

How do I get the Song of Resonance? You get this song when you visit the NPC Treasure Hunter Ingran. It is located in Peyto on the deck of ship 3F. Peyto is west of Port City Changhun.

This NPC will sell you the song for 16,500 Pirate Coins. The fastest way to get the coins is through the naval events on your island, ghost ships or Una's daily quests. However, some of the ghost ships require a high gear score.

In Black Tooth's Lair there is also a quest line that rewards you with 10,000 coins but can only be completed once.

At this location there is an island that is like a huge ship. There you will meet the trader Ingran.

How to get the song Forest's Minuet

How do I get Forest's Minuet? To unlock the Forest's Minuet song, you must first complete the quest “The Forest Where the Fairies Sing”. You can accept the quest from Travelers Eclipse as soon as you are level 50+.

Three more tasks follow from this quest:

  • I can hear you
  • It's okay, dear fairy
  • A private secret area
  • For the first one Quest you have to find three fairies that are hidden. This map of Papunika shows you your exact position on the Island of Lullaby:

    You will find the fairies in the three places marked with a star.

      All the fairies will ask you questions though. The correct answers are:

      Fee 1:

      • Pipes
      • Wait
      • Whistle again

    Fee 2:

      Put down the shiny pebble.
      Remember me?
      It's a gift.
      Wait quietly.

      Fee 3:

      Just watch.
    • Listen with your back to her.
      • I'm listening .
      I' I'll look for one.
    • Sure.
      No worries, I'm an adventurer.
    • If you have visited all 3 fairies and given the correct answers, the second quest in the series starts. For this you have to visit a hidden place on the map and play the Song of Resonance there. The location is also marked on the map above.

      Once you play the song you will get an item called “Voice of the Forest”. You have to play the Song of Resonance three times in total to get the item three times.

      At the end you have to return to the third fairy and turn in the items. The reward is Forest's Minuet.

      Have you unlocked the songs yet? What do you think of the song system in Lost Ark in general? Feel free to write it in the comments.

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