LRG3 2023: all announcements from Limited Run Games

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lrg3 2023: all announcements from limited run games

The Carbon Engine that Limited Run Games uses to revive classic games and re-release them on modern platforms is on fire. Its versatility has made it possible to bring back games from original consoles such as SNES, Game Boy/Color, PlayStation, Sega Genesis, among others. Many times it is only about the conversion of the game and in others they add additional material, that depends on the title in question.

Limited Run Games announcements featured at LRG3 2023 include games like Clock Tower, Jurassic Park: Classic Games Collection, Gex Trilogy and Tomba! These join Trip World DX, River City Girls Zero and the original shantae in the revitalized retro catalog of Limited Run Games. This year they also include a special collection with the soundtracks of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, released monthly on CD, cassette and vinyl. Green vinyls will be available in more “limited” quantities than usual.

Original games sponsored and distributed by Limited Run Games are also on the way. the rpg Another Crusadethe platforms Double Shake inspired by the PS1 era; the visual novel on FMV, Plumbers Don’t Wear Ties and Arzette: The Jewel of Faramorestrangely inspired by the infamous Zelda for Philips CD-i.

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Limited Run will continue its partnership with Konami, WayForward, LucasFilm and other commercial distributors. hence what games Castlevania Advance Collection receive physical versions and that the lost game of Shantae Advance (GBA) has finally been completed and is out.

This is the list of all Limited Run Games announcements in alphabetical order:

Another Crusade

Arzette: The Jewel of Faramore

Castlevania Advance Collection

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Clock Tower

colossal cave

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Double Shake

Dungeons of Aether

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El-Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron

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Gargoyles Remastered

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Gex Trilogy

Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park: The Chaos Continues

Classic Games Collection: Jurassic Park


karateka [The Making of]

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Koumajou Remilia: Scarlet Symphony

Kyukyoku Tiger-Heli Collection

Midnight Fight Express

Odencat’s Paradise Collection

Plumbers Don’t Wear Ties: Definitive Edition

Rise of the Triad Ludicrous Edition

Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 Complete Edition

Rose & Camellia Collection

Shantae Advance: Risky Revolution

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Soundtrack Collection

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This Way Madness Lies

News in development.

Source: Limited Run Games YouTube, Twitter

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