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LucidSound LS15X Headphones Review | we are xbox

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It seems obvious, but many headphones that are not exorbitantly priced make sacrifices in the sound section in order to be more accessible to all budgets. The LucidSound LS15X do not follow this pattern. If something stands out about this model of headphones, compatible with the Xbox and PC family of consoles, it is precisely the sound. From the bass to the treble, passing through the middle sounds, they all sound like a charm on the LS15X. With precision, finesse and in the right measure, balanced between quality and clarity.

This is a distinctive feature in wireless headphones with a price of less than one hundred euros. And it is that wired headphones can choose to offer better sound quality at a more adjusted price, but it is pleasant and satisfying to find a more or less affordable solution that offers a magnificent sound experience. If what worries you the most in headphones is, as we mentioned, the audio, with the LucidSound LS15X you will not have the slightest complaint. And it is not a little.


Construction and aesthetics

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It cannot be denied. Aesthetically or visually, the LucidSound LS15X are very elegant, fleeing from past trends with a more youthful and “modern” approach. In this case we have a sober, balanced and successful appearance. The black color predominates from end to end in the product. The headphones themselves, the headband and even the head pad are all black, and that uniformity adds the necessary touch of eye-candy. Nor can we fail to mention the construction materials.

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The LS15X are made mostly of plastic. It is a common construction decision for many reasons. One of them, no one escapes, is the cost of production, although it does not give the impression of a lack of quality at all. The other main reason is to offer a light experience. That does it like a charm. The extendable headband on the headphones allows for a good amount of travel, making it easy to fit and comfortable for all head sizes.

In our case, opening the headband a couple of points on each side has been more than enough to find us in a comfortable situation for long gaming sessions. Because yes, the LucidSound LS15X allow them, with a battery of about 14-15 hours long uninterrupted. We would have liked the upper headband padding to be a little softer or a little thinner, but the overall result is extremely positive.


Functions and operation

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On a functional level, the LucidSound LS15X have all the components you can ask for in headphones, although a slightly peculiar way of putting them into practice. Although on the left earphone we find the power button, the jack port to connect the included microphone or the USB port to recharge the battery, the audio controls are not in that area. Is he own headset with which we can do it. Turning it clockwise we increase the volume; and in the opposite direction, we lower it. The same goes for the right earcup, which offers the same features for balancing game and voice chat volumes.

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Both headphones also feature a additional pulsing effect. If we press the left one, we silence the audio, while pressing it for three seconds will help us to know the remaining battery. The right earcup offers two other “shortcuts”. Pressing for three seconds will turn microphone monitoring on or off, while a short press will mute it. These controls are a bit cumbersome to learn, but once you’ve done it you’ll realize that you’re controlling everything related to your game’s audio with your eyes closed.

The microphone, Without being the best you’ve tried in your life, it fulfills its basic functions. Fully functional for communicating with your fellow gamers, though, as you might expect, not the best for content creation. At least one in which you require the sound of your voice as clean and clear as possible. However, let’s not kid ourselves, few (if any) microphones offer that kind of service beyond being able to communicate with friends during games. The possibility of docking and undocking it at any time is a positive point to consider.

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Connectivity to the console is as easy as make use of USB included in the box. Connect it to the USB port of your Xbox or PC and start enjoying the benefits of headphones.



LucidSound LS15X 57 Headphones Review

The LucidSound LS15X are some fantastic headphones, Bluntly. For an affordable price for wireless headphones, they offer a sound experience of the highest quality and it only concedes in a construction dominated by plastic, although it feels solid and, above all, it is very comfortable. Aesthetically they are attractive headphones, although it is not the most important thing. Once you get used to the hassle of learning its operation and controls, you’ll realize that it makes up for everything else. For price, quality and features, these are headphones to take into account for any lover of good audio, wireless and that do not want to invest a huge amount of money.



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