Lucky Diablo 4 can’t believe his eyes – gets item level 837 mace for a quest

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Finding particularly powerful items in Diablo 4 also requires a good deal of luck.

Finding high-level items in Diablo 4 can be both motivating and frustrating. For the really powerful things, however, a good portion of luck and coincidence is always required. A few days ago, for example, we reported on someone who was offered a sword with item level 822 from the NPC dealer.

And Reddit user jaltman1 should have had similar big eyes as this player. He shared an item that he got for a quest in the game. It is the mace “Borza’s Bone Crusher” as a powerful ancestral item. The item level? Whole 837!

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High item value, but still disappointing

Jaltman does not name a specific quest, but is surprised about the item level because he thought that 820 was the highest of the item level feelings. There is a classification in the comments. For example, user Mztekal writes:

“Title items can go over 820 but have 1 less affix”

And Significant_Bill7040 added:

“These are items from named bosses on the map. They can go up to 840 but only have 3 stats.”

As tempting as the high item value may be, the mace is classified as weak in the corresponding Reddit thread and jaltman1 also comments on his find with “too bad it sucks”. He remains a lucky guy nonetheless.

The launch of Season 1 in Diablo 4 is now not far away. At the 20th of July Season of the Malignant starts simultaneously on all systems, i.e. PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One and PC. The associated Battle Pass gives you three options – one free path and two paid paths. You can read more about the changes and adjustments in our separate Season 1 article.

Which item level have you already found in Diablo 4?

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