Ludwig highlights the advantages of YouTube after the controversy on Twitch

Ludwig Ahgren, one of the most popular content creators in the world, a figure of enormous importance in North America and who has been broadcasting on YouTube for some time. An outstanding signing in his day, and after all the controversy surrounding Twitch and his policies in recent days, he has not missed the moment to talk about all the advantages of the platform he is currently on.

Big names in North America have made the jump to YouTube in recent times, but this has always been around economic reasons or being banned from the platform. Beyond that, you don’t get the feeling that the streamer are choosing Youtube for other reasons. Ludwig talks in his video about everything he is doing on Twitch and that will cause more and more creators to choose YouTube, also highlighting YT Shorts and the most outstanding monetization that these will have from now on.

Ludwig and the changes on Twitch

Ludwig left Twitch to make the jump to YouTube last November. However, the creator continues to echo the news related to the purple platform. The changes that will be in Twitter around monetization will greatly affect the big streamers and the money they receive based on subscriptions. A platform that increasingly controls monetization and that, little by little, seems to be losing ground in the minds of many users with respect to Youtube.

We will have to be attentive to what happens in the near future, both for monetization and for the policies around betting. YouTube and other platforms could take advantage of all this and the continuous controversies that seem to exist around Twitch in recent times.

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