Luigi was going to have this other personality in Super Mario Galaxy 2

Tom Henry

luigi was going to have this other personality in super

A detail related to one of the most notable titles in the classic Wii catalog. This time we are talking about Super Mario Galaxy 2!

Super Mario Galaxy 2

Apparently, this published post allows us to know that Luigi was going to have a different personality in this title. In the game, Mario encounters Luigi, who often requests to trade with him. Internal names refer to Luigi as “Nosey” and “Busy Nosy”, while unused text suggests that Luigi was originally designed to be annoying, constantly insisting on trading with the player.

This detail reveals an interesting approach to the game’s development, exploring the dynamics between the main characters and raising the possibility of more intrusive playable interaction with Luigi. However, in the final version, this was toned down, and Luigi remains a beloved and subdued character in the series.

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