Lysfanga: bad news about Quantic Dream’s Hades-like

lysfanga: bad news about quantic dream's hades like

Tom Henry

Lysfanga: bad news about Quantic Dream’s Hades-like

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The excellent Hades will soon have a competitor from Quantic Dream, but unfortunately, bad news about him has just fallen.

In September 2020, Hades strikes a very big blow in the video game industry. It’s very simple, the nugget from Supergiant Games is almost flawless and installs directly as a rogue-lite reference. And logically, a reference necessarily inspires other studios, which then try to recover the recipe for success by changing a few ingredients. This is what one of the small proteges of Quantic Dream, now a publisher of independent titles, did. On the other hand, it will be necessary to wait before discovering its “Hades-like”.

Blow to Hades’ competitor from Quantic Dream

Quantic Dream, which has been publishing games only since 2019, was planning to publish a certain Lysfanga The Time Shift Warrior this year. But the development of the game signed Sand Door Studio has been delayed. During Gamescom 2023, a new trailer for Hades’ competitor was unveiled and at the end of it, we discover the title’s new release period, which will therefore arrive at the beginning of 2024 only on PC. . Remember that in Lysfanga, we will embody a character named Imë, who will have to save the world of Antala. For this, the young woman will be able to count on her powers which allow her to go back in time and even to bring back ” the clones of his past, the “remanences”, to create an army “. A rather interesting mechanism that we can’t wait to discover.

In the game, each arena can be replayed to try to improve our record. This scoring mechanism should extend the life of the game for those who are sensitive to it. In any case, even if it is clearly inspired by Hades, we can see that Lysfanga has its own identity and an artistic direction that should please. Now let’s hope that the release date of the game will be quickly communicated by Quantic Dream. At least Lysfanga avoids the last quarter of 2023 which is already completely blocked by big productions which would have probably overshadowed it. Maybe a blessing in disguise after all.

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