Madrid will be the next venue for the Valorant Masters, the first time it has been held in Spain

madrid will be the next venue for the valorant masters,

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Madrid will be the next venue for the Valorant Masters, the first time it has been held in Spain

Valorant offers USA one of its most important events, do not lose detail.

Madrid will be the next venue for the Valorant Masters, the first time it has been held in USA
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Surprise for the USAfans of Valorant, RIOT Games has announced that Madrid will host the next VALORANT Masters. And what’s new about this? Some of you will say… Well, it’s very simple, it’s the It is the first time that USA is going to host an international Valorant event of this magnitude. Yes, our country has already hosted other really important events such as the quarterfinals and semifinals of the League of Legends Worlds.

However, it is the first time that this has happened with the Valorant game. There we can see teams like Giants, KOI and Heretics fighting to get a place and thus represent USA in this important international tournament. Our country has great players to make history like Mixwell, Koldamenta or Fit1nho, they together with other national talents will have the opportunity to participate in VALORANT Masters.

What is Valorant Masters?

VALORANT Masters is one of the biggest international championships in this game. During the year 2024 two Masters will be held; one in Madrid and another in Shanghai. During the first tournament, eight of the best teams from different parts of the world will compete for victory in this great event. A unique opportunity for fans Enjoy and you can experience Valorant competition at its highest level.

When the season begins in the year 2024, this tournament will last two weeks in each international leaguewhich will qualify a total of eight teams for the Madrid Masters at the beginning of the year. There is still no more information about this, but it will be revealed as the date of the competition approaches. Besides, Leo Faria, Global Head of Valorant Esports has been in charge of announcing the event in Madrid.

I am very pleased to announce that the 2024 Masters 1 will be held in Madrid! We have an incredibly passionate community in USA, and we are counting down the minutes to see it again and witness together the unique energy of the USApublic.

In addition to this, as expected, The Riot Games Country Manager for USA, Italy and Portugal has also shown his enthusiasm that we can finally see such an important Valorant event in our country. Without a doubt, USA is on the map and that these things happen can only bring good news. If you want to know what Edgar Medina’s words have been, we will tell you about them below.

I am incredibly happy and proud of this news that meets the expectations of one of the most passionate fans in the world. Bringing one of the main international competitions to Madrid for the first time, like the VALORANT Masters, represents another step in the story that is being created together with the community of players in USA who follow the competition day after day.

As you well know, Valorant is a tactical shooter that has risen to the top of PC games. The public that it has managed to gather since its inception has been simply impressive and all of this has led to making it a successful product. That is why having Madrid as the venue for its most important international event is incredible news for us.Let’s hope that this is not the only one that is celebrated in our country.

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