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Many of you have turned your back on WoW Dragonflight – these are your reasons

We wanted to know if you still play WoW: Dragonflight – and you answered loudly. The result paints a bleak picture… doesn’t it?

A few days ago we asked you about your interest in World of Warcraft Dragonflight after the “initial hype” has disappeared. We wanted to get a picture of our readership and see how the readers of MeinMMO are still playing WoW after almost 3 months.


When asked “Are you still playing WoW Dragonflight?” There were four answers to choose from:

  • Yes, I am still actively playing.
  • No, I stopped.
  • Yes, but a lot less than at release.
  • I have never played.

To get a more accurate picture of this, we subtract from the result all votes that answered “I have never played”. We are only looking at the players who have played Dragonflight at all.

The result is thus:

  • Yes, I’m still playing – 1493 votes (41%)
  • No, I stopped. 1073 votes (31%)
  • Yes, but much less than on release (1005 votes, 28%)

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41% are still very active after 3 months

The majority of the participants in the survey are still busy with Dragonflight after almost 3 months. Although the original content has largely been played through, there is still enough for them to do including farming WoW Gold – which is certainly also due to the fact that Blizzard has already pushed a patch with the trading post and the next one is already in the starting blocks. In the comments to the poll, Slix wrote something like:

Yes, top addon compared to last 3-4.
No grind mechanics, extremely twink-friendly, top balancing in the raid and good balancing in the M+
Overall really well done, I’m having more fun than I’ve had in a long time.

“projectneo” also sees it similarly:

Very good addon with good content compared to other addons. Certainly one of the best modern addons so far. It’s still fun and there are actually more updates.

Almost one in three has quit

But with around 31% of those questioned, there is also a large proportion – at least almost every third – who was not happy with Dragonflight in the long term. You don’t like the expansion or the touted changes that are celebrated by other side is exactly seen as a bug. Don77 writes:


Quit, nothing to do since January, patch 10.0.5 and now the forthcoming 10.0.7, which you could already play extensively on the PTR, didn’t change that. That might be content for a few hours and that’s it. Patch 10.1 has to be really crass, otherwise it would bes that again with Dragonflight and it joins Battle for Azeroth and Shadowlands.

Others take a more sober view, such as Misterpanda, who writes:

I don’t play anymore either. The level phase was good and I like the kite riding. But for me it’s more of a (cool) means of transport, not a main feature. Farming reputation/factions is not my thing. And that’s what the content is apart from M+ and Raids, which isn’t mine either. I think if WoW was finally Free2Play I would always check it out regularly. But for me as a casual, it’s not enough for a continuous subscription. That’s okay though, there are plenty of other good games out there and WoW will be pushing out more expansions.

“Gaminator” also gives some blame to encounters with the community:

I’ve played it, but haven’t for about 1.5 months now. Not because I don’t like the addon, but WoW itself is just not mine anymore, I’m out of breath. The community is also another reason why I just let it be. The players have become so sensitive that if you just do something different in M+, randoms will immediately leave the group, even though it was still going well and then you’ve got the salad. My time is just too good for me to share in a game with such a community.

Overall, 69% of the players who started with Dragonflight are still there, even if almost 28% are playing significantly fewer than at the beginning. At 31%, almost every third person has now turned their back on the game.


It’s normal for Blizzard to lose players again in the first few months after the launch of an expansion. However, since Dragonflight entered weaker this time than Shadowlands, for example, this could have a negative effect. It’s up to the developers to prove with the content patches over the next few months that World of Warcraft has really become a better game – and can perhaps attract new and old players.

What do you think of this result and how do you interpret it? Did you think the numbers would be different?