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Marines use a Metal Gear tactic to fool a military robot


Finally, video games were used for something.

The cardboard box in full action in Metal Gear Solid V

Today the stealth genre is as common as adventure, RPG or racing games, but that would not have been possible without the contribution of some pioneers of the genre in the 80’s and 90’sincluding the Metal Gear Solid by Hideo Kojima. With the subtitle “Tactical Espionage Action”, the Japanese creative contributed to creating a large part of the foundations of the genre that remains valid after so many years. He has even broken through the screen and his infiltration tactics are used by the real marines.

The truth is that Metal Gear Solid, like every Kojima game and Japanese game in general, has a few eccentricities, but we would never have imagined that what hide under be a cardboard box to go unnoticed it would actually be used by the army in real life.

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metal gear solid in real life

This is a story shared via Twitter by the journalist specializing in finance related to the defense departments Shashank Joshi, from The Economist, who shared several fragments of the book Four Battlefields: Power in the Age of Artificial Intelligencewhich is about evolution in the use of AI in different areas of our society. Specifically, the story of what happened when the United States Army asked a group of 8 Marines to try to outwit a sophisticated AI people recognition system.

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After a few days helping DARPA (United States Army Advanced Projects Agency) engineers carrying out all kinds of activities in front of the cameras and sensors to improve human recognition algorithm, the opposite was asked of them. that they will try to reach the sensor and touch it without being discovered. They all made it.


The espionage tactics used, on the other hand, could well be part of a Hitman or Metal Gear Solid game. While one of the marines managed to go unnoticed by slowly approaching doing somersaults on the groundone of them he dressed up as a tree to the point that the only human thing that was distinguishable from him was his smile and, of course, there was a marine who tried to put Solid Snake’s tactics into practice sneaking under a cardboard box.

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Hideo Kojima reveals the importance of Fragile in Death Stranding 2

Since the march of Hideo Kojima from Konami We have not seen a new installment of the series, but according to the latest rumors, the Japanese company would be working with an external team on the remake of Metal Gear Solid.