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Marvel confirms which is the most important superhero in the multiverse.

Find out who is the superhero that plays a momentous role in the Marvel Multiverse.

The marvel universe has more than 60 amazing and strong superheroes, each with skills, powers and abilities that make your job of fighting evildoers a little easier. Since gods and supernatural beingseven simple ordinary human.

Yes ok each superhero plays a significant rolerecently Marvel has revealed who he is the most important superhero in the entire multiverse. Below we will tell you all the details about it, but it is important that you keep in mind that this post contains spoilers for volume #3 of the comic Defenders: Beyond.

Who is Marvel’s greatest hero?

In the Marvel Universe there is something called “the Phoenix Force”and is a force that represents the need for there to be death before new life can emerge, the duality between creation and destruction.

This force acts mainly taking possession of some mortal being so that this becomes your avatar. The most famous case of possession of the Phoenix Force is Jean Gray of the X Men.

In volume #3 of the comic Defenders: Beyond from Marvel, Taaia finds herself possessed by the Phoenix Force and it is discovered that this force also exists in a “pure” state in a kind of room called “The White Hot Room” (White Hot Room in English) which is known to us as “the heart of the phoenix”a mysterious realm that lies beyond the reach of Death.

In this volume, the group of heroes or Defenders, made up of America Chavez, Loki, Blue Wonder, Tigra and Phoenix (Taaia, possessed by the Phoenix Force) manage to escape from Second Cosmos and of Realm of the Beyondersand manage to reach what lies beyond: the White Hot Room.

Phoenix (Taaia)

Fénix (Taaia), image taken from the cover of volume #3 of the comic Defenders: Beyond

There dwells the pure spirit of the Phoenix Force, and as they try to escape his wrath, the Defenders gain new knowledge about this magnificent force and their kingdom. Phoenix declares herself “the glory at the heart of all things”and affirms that beyond it there is only darkness.

The Hot White Room is the place from which all life arises and everything created, is where it is built and the balance of creation is constantly maintained; the latter is represented by a personification of the Phoenix reflected in a construction worker who is busy constantly building a structure that is never finished.

With this it is concluded that Phoenix is ​​the heart of the entire multiverse and hence the most important character in the entire Marvel Multiverse.

The Phoenix Force is the heart of all things

Putting together all the revelations and clues, apparently the White Hot Room is actually the First Cosmos, the first iteration of the entire Multiverse. The Defenders are found going back through all versions of the Multiverse that existed before the current version (the Eighth Cosmos).

In the previous volume of this comic it is explained that the Beyonders live in what remains of the Second Cosmosimplying that when the group of heroes traveled further back they must have landed in the First Cosmosplace where it is the warm white room.

This explains why the Phoenix defines itself as “the heart of all things”, since it was in that place where life began. Also, this universe was the first to fulfill the principle of the Phoenix when destroyed to be able to give rise to something new later.

Phoenix (Taaia) defining itself as the heart of all things

Phoenix (Taaia) defining itself as the heart of all things

Lastly, the fact that this force affirms that “beyond her there is only darkness” makes it clear to us that the Hot White Room it is the beginning of creation, and before that there was only emptiness. This makes this mystical location extremely important, since it is the place where literally the balance of the entire Multiverse is builtwhich makes Fénix the key and transcendental point of the very existence of all Cosmoses and Universes.

The Phoenix is ​​the most important being not only among cosmic beings, but also throughout the Multiverse, because it represents the beginning of existenceas well as the first death of a universe.


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