Marvel explains why Wolverine changed his original mask and you won’t believe it.

Find out why Wolverine changed his mask.

Wolverine is a mutant superhero with incredible powers and abilities, characterized by the three retractable claws that are in each of your hands.

Among his many qualities, this hero has exceptional healing and regenerative abilities that can heal any wound, no matter how deadly. Also, this hero has reflexes and senses as sharp as a cheetah’sis also an expert in creating strategies and plans, and a excellent fighter with and without weapons, which makes him quite a dangerous vigilante.

Wolverine also has a very characteristic costume that any Marvel (and more specifically, X-Men) fan would recognize. Usually this suit is portrayed as yellow with some blue parts, and its mask It is yellow, with a kind of black wings or fins on the sides.

However, his costume and mask they have not always been the way we know them todaysince Marvel has revealed that the original desEsports Extrasof his mask was changed after this hero first appeared in a comic.

Below we will tell you all the details regarding the change of his mask, but before you continue reading, it is important that you keep in mind that this post contains spoilers for volume #2 of the comic X-Men: Legends.

What was the original Wolverine mask desEsports Extraslike?

The original desEsports Extrasof this hero’s costume was made by John Romita Sr. and we can see it in volume #181 of the comic Incredible Hulk of 1974. The most notable difference between the costume of that edition and the classic version that we know is his mask.

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This piece of the suit had a feline appearanceHe had a black nose, whiskers, and a thin black outline around his eyes that jutted out to the sides of his face in the shape of ears.

Wolverine's first costume desEsports Extras(1974)

First desEsports Extrasof Wolverine’s costume and mask. Images from the Incredible Hulk comic

This model was changed for the costume that first appeared in volume #1 of the comic Giant-Size X-Mendesigned by the artist Gil Kane in 1975. In this new design, the ears have been replaced by long, sharp black flaps and white eyes, scheme that has remained in character for nearly five decades.

In volume #2 of the recent Marvel comic X-Men: Legendsbridges the gap between Wolverine’s first appearance and his debut in Giant-Size X-Menand reveal the reasons why it has happened the change in Logan’s mask.

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How and why has Wolverine changed his mask?

In the second volume of the aforementioned comic, Wolverine and his partner Jack Winter are in Brand Corporation; they are on a mission to retrieve “dangerous individuals” from a laboratory, and they meet a strange gathering of characters (among them the Iceman, Angel, The Thing, Unus, Polaris, Kaos and Master Mind) who later discover that in reality they are illusions produced by the mutant waiterwho has as assistant a mysterious character he calls Wildlife.

During these events, Wolverine and his partner discover that Mesmero had recently escaped from an organization called the Secret Empire, and freed his fellow Beast, who was held captive. While escaping, Mesmero took control of Beast’s mind and forced him to dress in a sloppy costume taken from random items and outfits in the Halloween store.

Mesmero gave Beast the code name of Wildlife and took it to the Brand Corporation labs to steal a powerful weapon. Upon meeting Wolverine and Jack, Mesmero is knocked unconscious and “Wildlife” regains control of his mind in an attempt to save lab assistant Linda Donaldson.

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Beast and Linda fall unconscious and Wolverine’s partner is about to kill them, but Logan intervenes and kills him. Once he has eliminated the threat, Logan notes that his mask has broken during the fight, and he decides to take the one from “Wildlife” as his own. Turning Beast into the creator of the iconic and characteristic Wolverine mask.

Wolverine takes Beast's mask off

Wolverine taking Beast’s mask off. Images extracted from volume #2 of the comic X-Men: Legends

Although Wolverine’s costume desEsports Extrashas changed over his years with the X-Men, the character’s basic outline always go back to the suit made by Gil Kaneeither in animated series or movies or even current comics.

If anything is certain, it is that the fans must be extremely satisfied to finally know why did Wolverine’s mask change after his first appearance in Incredible Hulk in 1974.

It is really very curious that a piece of the suit of one of the most iconic vigilantes of the Marvel Universe came from the guise of a malefactorand seeing how the origin of the new and more famous version of the hero’s mask gives him an essential connection with the X-Men.