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Marvel presents its new Iron Man and it is not who you expect

Marvel’s new Iron Man has been revealed and you won’t know who it is.

Marvel presents its new Iron Man and it is not who you expect
Marvel officially reveals what will be its new Iron Man in the comics.

It is no secret to anyone that Tony Stark has become one of the most important and emblematic heroes in the entire Marvel universe, since he has not only experienced situations that have served to demonstrate why he will never have a good character development, but also He has starred in his own adventures, becoming a full-fledged God, although this did not go very well.


Despite the fact that Tony Stark is still active in the comics, playing important roles in the development of the plot, Marvel has made the decision to officially present its new Iron Man. However, things have not turned out as expected, since we could affirm that not only is he a character that you might never imagine, but his first adventures as this armored hero have been forgettable and disappointing.

If you want to know more about who is the new Marvel Iron Man and his first steps, you should continue reading this post. Although we must point out that contains comic spoilers Secret Invasion #4.

Marvel’s New Iron Man Has Finally Been Revealed And The Result Is Disappointing

As we have mentioned, Marvel has officially revealed what will be its new Iron Man for future adventures, although this is not the only thing, since it has also shown how Tony Stark would look like Spiderman; but, regarding the new armored warrior, you should know that this character has finally had the opportunity to star in a series of events main. This is something very positive, since she had always had secondary roles in terms of her importance within the plot.

Maria Hill is introduced as Marvel's new Iron Man

Maria Hill is introduced as Marvel’s new Iron Man

Perhaps you could never have imagined it, but the new Marvel Iron Man is Maria Hill, who had always been helped by other important characters, such as Nick Fury or Captain America himself. Although, now, this character has had a chance to don the armor and star in some events that have not had the expected result.

In it comic #4 from Secret Invasionwhich has been written by Ryan North and drawn by Francesco Mobile, we meet Maria Hill, who has been a victim of fear and paranoia. In the events of this comic, Skrulls have invaded planet Earth and, using their powers to assume human forms, they have generated panic and mistrust among all.


At this point, Maria Hill begins to attack all Skrulls, including those who have allied with humans. Eventually, ends up running into those Skrulls who are working together with Tony Stark and that they are in charge of claiming their innocence, but the agent does not believe them.

And, after the appearance of Tony Stark with his armored suit, Maria Hill decides to put on her version of this armor which has been developed by the Government as a contingency method of dealing with the Avenger.

Tony manages to remove the Arc Reactor from Maria's suit and disable her in a matter of seconds.

Tony manages to remove the Arc Reactor from Maria’s suit and disable her in a matter of seconds.


However, the fight ends quickly, because Tony manages to disable her by removing the Arc Reactor from her chest.. This not only shows how inexperienced Maria Hill is when fighting in this suit, but also gives the impression that she does not have those natural abilities, since she was wearing armor that was developed to fight on equal terms with Stark. Added to this, her performance in this invasion has been forgettable, as she has fallen prey to fear, panic, and paranoia.

But this is not all, since it can be seen that, at the end of this comic, Maria Hill is kidnapped by the Skrulls, who imprison her. But this could have been avoided if she had listened to Tony in the first place.

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