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Marvel resurrects one of the most beloved Spider-Man characters, although it was all a farce

Find out which Spider-Man character was momentarily resurrected.

Peter Parker has been through a lot of hard times and lossesbeing the death of his beloved Uncle Ben and the subsequent death of the love of his life, Gwen Stacy, part of those fateful experiences that the hero has had to go through.

In a recent volume of Amazing Spider-Man Marvel has resurrected one of the most beloved characters (both by Peter, and by the fans), but it is later found out that it was temporary, leaving fans a bit bummed that they were left under the illusion that this much-loved character would come back to life.

Below we will tell you more details about it, but before you continue reading it is important that you know that this post contains spoilers for volume #10 of the comic Amazing Spider-Man from Marvel.

Which character did Marvel resurrect?

Throughout his life, Peter has carried sadness and has even come to attribute the guilt for the deaths of his Uncle Ben and Gwen Stacytwo people whom he loved very much.

The passing of Gwen Stacy marked a before and after in Peter’s life, was what made him face the fact that people would die even if he used his powers for good. That is why, during the Judgment Day event, the Progenitor takes advantage of this situation and the guilt that Peter feels.

The Doomsday arose because a Celestial named the parent was brought to life to put a stop to the war that existed between the X-Men and the Eternals, but instead decided to judge every human being on Earthgiving them 24 hours to justify their existence and prove that they are worthy of continuing to live, unleashing an apocalypse on Earth.

This Celestial appears before some people in the form of a loved one so that they open their hearts and thus be able to judge them; in the case of Peter, the Progenitor appeared before him looking like the love of his life, Gwen Stacy.

Spider-Man surprised to see Gwen (the Progenitor)

Spider-Man surprised to see Gwen (the Progenitor). Images taken from the cover of volume #10 of the Amazing Spider-Man comic

Surprisingly, the Progenitor, having passed judgment on Peter, finds him worthy, and gives him a very touching reward, the resurrection of one of the people he has loved most: Gwen Stacy.

The Resurrection of Gwen Stacy

Peter is talking to the Progenitor, and Gwen Stacy’s vision becomes realHe has apparently risen. They both share a precious and beautiful moment, and she claims to have been in “somewhere for a long time”making it clear that he’s been to some dimension of Marvel’s afterlife.

While Gwen has apparently come back to life, everything turns out to be a temporary restoration, a gift from the Celestial to give Peter some comfort. Gwen tearfully says “I’m leaving, Peter. He says that he just wanted to give us a moment… to see that beautiful heart of yours open”.

Peter talking to the resurrected Gwen

Peter talking to the resurrected Gwen

Gwen’s death is one of the saddest events in the history of comics which ushered in a new era of darker, more realistic comics.

While Uncle Ben’s passing always motivated Peter to continue being Spider-Man, Gwen’s death showed him the true cost of being a hero.which is why it was a smart move for the Progenitor to show up in the form of Gwen Stacy, forcing Peter to face that harsh reality.

the comic series Amazing Spider-Man is characterized by a horrible deed that Peter has committed, and that has turned his life into a total and utter failure. However, this horrible sin that Peter has committed and that has alienated those closest to him is still a mystery.

The theory was born that this big mistake was that Peter tried to resurrect Gwen Stacy with the help of Norman Osborn.

This assumption arises because while talking with the Progenitor (who was in the form of Gwen), Peter confesses that “I had lost someone that I loved very much and that I wanted to bring back, and no one wanted to help. Nobody except Norman.”give place to speculation that Peter’s horrific act was an attempted resurrection.

Peter explaining his situation to the Progenitor

Peter explaining his situation to the Progenitor

Although there are several clues that could confirm that what Peter has done was an attempt at resurrection, the fact that Marvel has momentarily revived Gwen leaves fans with the doubt of if it was really Gwen that Peter tried to bring back to life.


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