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Marvel Snap: new cards, locations, variants and more from ‘Into the Quantum Realm’ (February 2023 season)

Just a few days ago we launched friendly games in Marvel Snap and we already have new content thanks to the ‘Into the Quantum Realm’ season of February 2023 with the new MODOK card, new variants, locations and cosmetics of the pass just in time for the premiere of the movie Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania.

We’re going to find out all the surprises this season has in store, but first you can take a look at the “developer diary” video. In this they explain all the news. The problem is that it is only in English.

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Marvel Snap: February 2023 Season Pass “Into the Quantum Realm”

These are the items that we can earn by leveling up in this season’s paid battle pass, which costs $44,900 Colombian pesos. If you want to know more about how the Marvel Snap battle passes work and how to get the rewards from it, We recommend reading this guide.

  • New card – MODOK: When Revealed: Discard your hand.
  • New variants and avatars
    • Ant-Man ‘steampunk’ variant
    • Wasp ‘steampunk’ variant
    • MODOK assassin variant
  • New card backs:
    • quantum realm
    • Ant Man (free)
  • New titles:
    • “Honey, I Shrunk the Heroes”
    • “A few cubes away” (free)
    • “Have I beaten you before?”
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We can also earn Credits, Gold, Mystery Variants, Boosters and Collector’s Chests.

New locations for the February 2023 season at Marvel Snap

  • The sacred timeline– The first to fill this location receives a copy of their starting hand.
  • the quantum realm: When you play a card here, its base power becomes 2.
  • Camp Lehigh: Add a random 3 cost card to each player’s hand.
  • quantum tunnel: When you play a card here, it is exchanged for a random card from your deck
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new variants

We are going to know all the news coming to Marvel Snap in February 2023: new cards, variants, locations and the Into the Quantum Realm pass.

new letters of Marvel Snap (season February 2023)

The following new cards will be gradually added to series 5 of Marvel Snap during February 2023.

  • Ghost: Continuous: Your cards are always revealed at the end of the turn.
  • height: Costs 1 if your opponent discarded a card this game.
  • kang the conqueror: When Revealed: See what your opponent did and restart the turn without Kang.
  • zabu: This was the star card of the January battle pass. Continuous: 4 cost cards cost 2 less (minimum 1).

Source: Marvel Entertainment YouTube channel