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Marvel: Spider-Man’s Big Failure Is Even Much Worse Than You Remembered

Spider-Man’s life is much harder than you thought, find out why.

spider-man is one of the most iconic and significant superheroes in the Marvel Universe, as well as one of the youngest. Peter Parker has the abilities of a spider, so he can produce spider webs, climb and stick to walls. East he acquired his powers after being bitten by a genetically modified spider.

While this hero is one of the most popular and strongest, He has been through many difficult situations and tragedies throughout his life. In a recent preview of the next volume of the Amazing Spider-Man comic, one of the greatest failures of the arachnid hero will be evidenced. Below we will tell you all the details about it, however, it is very important that you keep in mind that this post contains spoilers for issue #10 of the comic Amazing Spider-Man.

The failure of the Arachnid Hero

In a recent preview of Amazing Spider-Man, Peter is depressed because his life has only gone from bad to worse.because of bad decisions you have made.

Recently, the spider hero has had a cameo during the events of the comic Doomsday from Marvel.

In this comic, a Celestial named the Progenitor, was awakened in order to stop the war that existed between the Eternals and the X-Menbut instead he decides to judge the people of Earth, ensuring that if he found more harm than good, he would destroy the planet.

As it was expected, the Celestial judged everyone and found more bad people than goodso an apocalypse began on Earth, sending explosions exploding against the planet, leaving death and chaos in its wake. An interesting fact that we can highlight is that one of these explosions fell on Captain America, who used his shield to protect himself.

The Celestial Progenitor has been appearing before different heroes taking the form and physical appearance of one of their relatives, friends and/or loved ones., in order to make them bend. In the case of the arachnid hero, this Cosmic Being appears looking like the late Gwen Stacy.

The Progenitor appearing to Spider-Man in the form of Gwen Stacy.

The Progenitor appearing to Spider-Man in the form of Gwen Stacy

The fact that the Progenitor appeared to Peter in the form of his first love, whom he was unable to save from the Green Goblin, can’t be a good sEsports Extrasat alland less after the situations that the hero has been going through lately.

According to recent editions of the comic Amazing Spider-Man, Peter’s relationship with his Aunt May has been damaged to the point of needing repair. Even, has lost his wife Mary Jane Watsonwho now has his own family.

It has been revealed that Peter did something terrible six months ago.and although it is not known exactly what he has done, it is evident that it has been something quite serious, which has caused some of your most valuable relationships to now be broken and/or severely damaged.

By virtue of all these situations happening in Peter’s life, the now reformed Green Goblin, Norman Osbornwho has offered him a job in the new iteration of Oscorp and a new supersuit, It has been his only helping hand and support.

What will happen to Spider-Man?

Spider-Man confused to see Gwen (the Progenitor).

Spiderman confused to see Gwen (the Progenitor). Image taken from the cover of the Amazing Spider-Man comic

With this conglomerate of misfortunes happening in Peter’s lifeadded to his recent mistakes that have not been revealed until now, and the fact that who was previously one of his greatest enemies is now his only support, the followers of this character they should not expect there to be a ruling on the part of the Progenitor in favor of the arachnid hero.

We have only been able to see a preview of the comic, so we cannot know what will actually happenand although there have been heroes who have been approved by being judged by the Celestial, Circumstances are not looking good for Parker.

It will be exciting to know what the conversation will be like when Peter meets the Progenitor in the form of Gwen, although the fact that he is witnessing his deceased first love may be putting his finger on the problem.

Perhaps the spider hero can redeem himself and admit his mistakes, that have cost you relationships with friends and loved ones.

All these things have been shown to us in a preview of the comic, and whatever happens, we will be able to witness it on September 28when volume #10 of Amazing Spider-Man complete.


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