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Marvel Studios series will be canceled due to comments from Disney CEO

Disney CEO Bob Iger is addressing criticism surrounding the studio’s latest series of blockbuster movies and series streaming on Disney+. During the company’s most recent quarterly earnings call, Iger discussed some of the recent Disney/Marvel movies and series that haven’t done well with viewers.

Although Iger did not name any particular film, he acknowledged that some of these recent performances were “disappointing.”


The performance of some of our recent films has definitely been disappointing, and we don’t take that lightly. As expected, we are very focused on improving the quality and performance of the films we have on the way. It’s something I’m working on closely with the studio. Personally, I am also committed to devoting more time and attention to that.“.

Also, I mention the growing number of original TV shows the company has created for Disney+. As some Star Wars and Marvel shows have premiered on the platform to lower viewership and less positive reviews, Disney CEO, Bob Iger hinted that the company might scale back these original streaming projects.

This is not a staffing issue, but I think that in our quest to significantly grow our content to primarily serve our streaming offerings, we ended up overstretching our people in terms of time and focus beyond what they had been. used to… To make Disney+ worthwhile, we made decisions that hurt other parts of the business. That’s probably true at least in part, but it’s also something that isn’t unique to Disney. With blockbuster box office receipts generally depressed, it’s hard not to imagine that part of the problem is that studios are so eager to get back to “normal” that they haven’t found a way to monetize the more exclusive windows. short cuts and the overall higher volume of content creation that have been hallmarks of the streaming era“.
Marvel is a great example of that,” Iger continued. “They hadn’t been in the television business at a significant level. Not only did they increase their film output, but they also did several TV series, and frankly, that diluted the focus and attention. That, I think, is more the cause than anything else.“.

Although it is not specifically mentioned if they are going to cancel certain projects, it is most likely that we will see less Marvel series in streaming media.

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