Marvel takes the Winter Soldier into a dark and uncertain future

Bucky Barnes could betray Captain America for his quest for revenge.

The Winter Soldier is one of the most important Marvel characters linked to the well-known hero Captain America. bucky barnes was Steve Rogers’ first partner when he became the Capbut after a while their relationship changed.

Bucky Barnes could betray Captain America for his quest for revenge

bucky became an undercover agent for the Soviet Union operating under the code name of Winter Soldier. After carrying out numerous assassinations, steve rogers He discovered where his friend was and decided to get him out of that spiral of hatred. Over time, bucky barnes stopped being the Winter Soldier and even came to carry the emblematic shield of the Captain America.

Marvel takes the Winter Soldier into a dark and uncertain future

This is a character who has gone through various phases and is very complex to understand. His past still traumatizes him and he does not forgive himself for anything he did while he was the Winter Soldier. Now, Marvel He has given him a new suit that will lead him back down the path of darkness.

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Marvel Comics has just introduced the new suit of bucky barnes Like the Winter Soldier. This does not bode well for his future and the friendship he has with steve rogers. As seen in the comic Marvel’s Captain America: Sentinel of Libertythe war of Steve Y bucky with the new criminal organization that remains in the shadows and is known as Outer Circle has taken an extremely dark turn. Now it looks like bucky he will soon don this new costume after carrying out a great betrayal.

In Sentinel of Libertyof Jackson Lanzing, Collin Kelly and Carmen Carnerothe dark truth about the shield of the Captain Americawhich was revealed to be a dark symbol belonging to the organization Outer Circle that it controls much of the aspects of the society and that it has five well-known leaders. The idea of ​​creating Captain America it was nothing more than treating him as a simple pawn in case things got bad. In this sense, bucky barnes discovers that he was just a murderer within this circle and now he just wants to find answers.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Captain America will meet an old comrade known as the Winter Soldier.

Now, Marvel has revealed the new suit of the Winter Soldier on the comic-con of New Yorkas a result of the big twist and the main revelations seen in Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty #5. In November, Captain America & The Winter Soldier Special #1 will present the new suit bucky and it will show will reveal the posture that bucky adopt for the coming war that is yet to come.

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In regards to the new personality that he will assume buckyit seems highly likely that the Winter Soldier will become the new Revolution in Sentinel of Liberty #5. It is possible that he ends up killing Captain America in it as it would be one of the obstacles that he is interfering with getting the objective of him.

Captain America.

Captain America, humanity’s last hope on Judgment Day

By revealing to Steve that Outer Circle arranged his father’s death and that the army intentionally recruited him so he could fight alongside the Captain America, bucky confirms that he was a weapon and a pawn long before he became the Winter Soldier. As such, bucky he certainly seems willing to do whatever it takes to end this criminal network and break control of the organization by starting his own revolution. bucky barnes he might even betray Rogers at some point in the story.

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The great event of Captain America: Cold War that will arrive soon will intersect with the comic Captain America: Symbol of Truth starring Sam Wilson. In these stories the new role and costume Winter Soldier will play a fundamental role in the course of the war that will shake the entire marvel universe. This will be a dark new path for bucky barnes and it is possible that not even the Captain America can convince you that you are wrong.

Marvel takes the Winter Soldier into a dark and uncertain future

Captain America & The Winter Soldier Special #1 It will be available from November 6.