Marvel’s Avengers, game service published by Square Enix, will be entitled to big changes following a radical decision. We have two good and one very bad news for you.

If Crystal Dynamics has just announced excellent news concerning its next Tomb Raider, it also has a much less pleasant one to share with us concerning Marvel’s Avengers. A drastic decision will change the game once and for all. But there is still very good news in all of this.

Marvel’s Avengers, disassembly!

It’s over, the rumors were true, Crystal Dynamics has just published a short article and a small FAQ to announce the end of the Marvel’s Avengers follow-up. Not so surprising news after all. Since its release in 2020, Marvel’s Avengers tried everything to save the furniture following the particularly cold reception from the press and the players. Unfortunately, due to mechanics considered routine, its not-so-fantastic content and a badly dosed service game system that has undergone several big changes, positive and negative, the game has not met with the expected success.

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Certainly wishing to refocus its resources and efforts on its other projects, such as the next and highly anticipated tomb Raider, the studio, now under the leadership of Embracer, has decided to cut ties with its Avengers. A final content update will be deployed on March 31 and after that, it’s over. A team will still be in charge of technical monitoring for a few months until Marvel’s Avengers be completely abandoned in September 2023.
Online events and other regular challenges will be in automatic rotation every two weeks, but there will be nothing new to get your teeth into.

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There is still very good news

Even though Marvel’s Avengers is permanently terminated, all single player content and its multiplayer components will remain available. So you can still play with your friends, or catch up if you haven’t been able to play the game yet. As a bonus, to mark the occasion and thank its fans, Crystal Dynamics has announced that all of the cosmetic content available in the game will now be free for all players. The paid shop will also be closed once and for all and the credits that have been purchased will be transformed into resources. The studio has also provided a table to give you an idea of ​​what you will receive in exchange for your in-game money.

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