Marvel’s Avengers creative director apologizes for the game

Publisher Square Enix and development studio Crystal Dynamics confirmed a month ago that Marvel’s Avengers You will stop receiving new content and updates three years after its release. This video game as a service in which players can put themselves in the shoes of some of the most emblematic superheroes of La Casa de las Ideas will receive its latest update on March 31 and be totally withdrawn from sale on September 30a decision that the developer itself described as “disappointing”, although it has not been until today that a person involved in the project has apologized for it.

Cezar Virtosu, one of the creative directors who worked on the Avengers title, recently spoke with Edge magazine and stated that Marvel’s Avengers it was a “challenging production”; furthermore, He has also apologized for it.. It should be noted that the developer left the ranks of Crystal Dynamics a while ago and is currently working on The Lords of the Fallenso it has not participated in the controversial management of updates and new content of the title.

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Crystal Dynamics thanks fans for their support

“We know this is disappointing news as everyone in our community is very attached to these characters and their stories. We are very, very grateful that you have come on this adventure with us.. your enthusiasm for Marvel’s Avengers -from your epic photos in Photo Mode, to your threads theorizing about who our next heroes will be, to your Twitch streams- he has done a lot to bring this game to life. We hope you continue playing and enjoying Marvel’s Avengers. We have no words to thank you for your support and for being part of our super team,” the developer said in a statement.

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Marvel’s Avengers is a very entertaining and spectacular game that boasts a surprisingly fun and addictive combat system that will have us hooked giving out smashes for hours in the company of some of the most iconic superheroes that exist. It’s a far-from-perfect title that still has a lot to improve, with dire mission desEsports Extrasand a lack of ideas, and a number of bugs that ruin much of the experience, but the playable base there is very solidassuming excellent foundations on which to build in the future to make way for something really great and unique”, we concluded at the time in our analysis. Remember that you have our complete guide at your disposal.

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