“Marvel’s Avengers”: End of support on September 30, 2023

Tom Henry

“Marvel’s Avengers” is a popular example of how live service fuss can destroy a good idea. So the game is not bad at all, but actually there could have been a lot more in it if the whole thing hadn’t been stuffed with microtransactions and artificial grinding. Published by Square Enix and developed by Crystal Dynamics, it is now confirmed that support for the title will end on September 30, 2023.

There will be no more content or features for Marvel’s Avengers after Update 2.8, which is scheduled for release on March 31, 2023. However, the developers have stated that the title will remain playable in single and multiplayer even after official support has ended. Next, however, after the 2.8 update, i.e. after March 31, 2023, no more credits will be buyable. Those who have accumulated remaining credits will see them converted into in-game resources. This should happen according to the following table.

After the end of the further development, Crystal Dynamics will also deactivate the marketplace for skins and co. As a thank you to all players, all challenge cards and cosmetic content will be unlocked for free from March 31, 2023 instead. You can then take all takedowns, outfits or even nameplates with you for free.

The end of support is not such a miracle: “Marvel’s Avengers” is said to have fallen short of expectations commercially. Crystal Dynamics no longer belongs to Square Enix, but was taken over by the Embracer Group.

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