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Marvel’s Avengers will shut down in September

Although some of us enjoyed Marvel’s Avengers when it released in 2020, there was no doubt that Square Enix had to make a lot of improvements if it wanted to keep the superhero title alive for a long time. Unfortunately, it soon became clear that the Japanese publisher had set its sales expectations too high, and new content to update and tweak was continually being delayed, only adding nails to the coffin. That’s why many of us were afraid that last night’s announcement would come.

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Crystal Dynamics and his team have confirmed that they will stop developing and supporting Marvel’s Avengers after the latest update will arrive on March 31st. This latest patch will only make some balance changes and remove the Market from the game.

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From that moment it will no longer be possible to buy credits, and what is left in your account will be converted into units, upgrade modules, DNA keys and other in-game resources. This does not mean that you should rush to buy suits, takedowns and the like, since everything will be free after the update.


We may see some small tweaks in the coming months, because the developers won’t completely stop supporting the game before September 30th. When that day comes, Marvel’s Avengers singleplayer and multiplayer will still be playable, but there will be no more patches.

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It’s kind of funny that the game’s reveal trailer comes full circle in a way, so we end our coverage of Marvel’s Avengers the same way it started.

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