Marvel’s most understated game lets you control Spider-Man, Wolverine and Iron-Man, and you can try it out for free this weekend

2022 was full of great premieres, but also titles that hit it off. By far, the most unfair of these setbacks was that of Marvel’s Midnight Suns, Firaxis’s bet on the darkest superheroes in a turn-based strategy framework. Quite a game that you can try for free during the weekend.

From the hand of the creators of XCom, the game takes you to control Marvel heroes and fight against the forces of Lillith, the mother of demons who wants to fulfill a prophecy and summon her vile and evil master. You will have at your disposal big names like Spider-Man, Wolverine, Iron-Man and even Deadpool.

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A week and a half ago I was talking about how Marvel’s Midnight Suns unfortunately fell short in sales, although 2K, its publisher, is confident in its quality and that it can be a long term success. This may explain the fact that you already have a free weekend, and that benefits you!

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From today until Sunday at 18:59, you can play Marvel’s Midnight Suns completely free and without any limit of hours. Doing so is very easy: just go to the Marvel’s Midnight Suns Steam page and download the game from there. Once installed, you can give it cane without limits until time runs out.

In addition to that, the title features a sweet tooth 40% discount in case you just convinced during this free trial period. In general, this weekend can be an ideal opportunity to get into one of the best strategy games of recent years. In the analysis that we dedicate to Marvel’s Midnight Suns in Esports Extras, we label it as one of the best of 2022and is not for less.

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