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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2: an upcoming PS5 slap? You haven’t seen anything

marvel's spider man 2: an upcoming ps5 slap? you haven't seen

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 announced its release date with a massive long gameplay trailer that nonetheless received some criticism. The studio responds straightforwardly.


After several months of unbearable waiting for some, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 has finally shown itself during an explosive presentation. A 10-minute trailer, which concluded the PlayStation Showcase 2023, and sent Spider-Man fans into a frenzy. But as often, there were also some negative feedback on the Web. A “Puddlegate 2” in sight?

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 still has it up its sleeve

The PlayStation Showcase 2023 was synonymous with deliverance for all players who hoped to (re) see Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. And for good reason, apart from the first reveal trailer with the presence of Venom, Insomniac Games had chosen not to show anything and say almost nothing about their next baby. Frustrating for part of the PS5 community. To be forgiven, the studio therefore went all out by releasing a very long and insane gameplay trailer for many people.

A trailer that gives pride of place to the villains with Kraven the hunter and the teasing of the Lizard, but above all, to the duo of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Because yes, unlike Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales and its predecessor, we do not control only one character. The game indeed offers the possibility of embodying both Peter Parker, in a symbiote costume, and Miles Morales. A sometimes very dynamic alternation as confirmed by the sequence of explosive action above the ocean. A passage quite close to the grand finale of Uncharted 4.


Impressive…but not for everyone. Internet users hastened to make freeze frames to detect the slightest flaw in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and find it technically faulty. Sincere feedback for some, bad faith for others in console war mode. The subject of this discord: the rendering of water and explosions. Curious, a tweeter wanted to clear things up with the developers by asking if it was the final version of the game. James Stevenson, director of the community, replied with a gif to express his amusement and struck a ” No “.

A sequel full of surprises

This answer from James Stevenson therefore implies that the final version of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will be even more beautiful. A “controversy” reminiscent of that of the Puddlegate of Marvel’s Spider-Man. Internet users had relied on the disappearance of a puddle of water to cry out for an abusive downgrade. “I explained to you that the puddle had been moved. That’s not the problem. The shadows move when you change the lighting. And new details appear. Compression overwrites this kind of finer detail. Texture shows up fine on TV, but disappears with video compression » Stevenson said then. To date, the game remains one of the most impressive PS4 and PS5 exclusives from the Japanese manufacturer, and that should be the case for this new episode.

If Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 intends to surprise from a visual point of view, but also from the gameplay. With the latest trailer, we got confirmation of a new feature. Miles Morales now has the ability to hover thanks to small wings on his suit. An addition that will make it possible to further energize the flights between the buildings of New York. More surprises of this type to come? Why not !

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 does not yet have a release date. No need to be alarmed however, the announcement is imminent according to Insomniac Games. Fairly logical rumors suggest availability from September. But according to Net sleuths, the studio hid the real date in the trailer and it would rather be the November 20 2023. To see who will be right … In the meantime, the excellent Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart arrives on July 26, 2023 on PC.


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