Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 playing time confirmed – story shorter than the open world size suggests

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marvel's spider man 2 playing time confirmed story shorter than

Insomniac confirms Spider-Man 2 running time.

As is well known, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 expands the map to include the New York boroughs of Queens and Brooklyn, but in terms of story length the sequel emulates the first film, which was released in 2019. Developer studio Insomniac Games now confirms this in an interview with VG27/4.

Playing time – Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is about as long as the first part

How long should the story of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 be? Roughly as long as the story of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, senior game director Ryan Smith told VG24/7. According to the site Howlongtobeat, the story of the first Spider-Man game is claimed by Insomniac average 17 hours. 25.5 hours of play are given for the story and side tasks.

Total playing time possibly longer: Of course, the 17 hours of play only refer to the story. Since the sequel almost doubles the size of the open world with the two boroughs of Queens and Brooklyn and offers significantly more unlockable suits than the first part, we assume that the total playing time will be a little longer, simply because there will probably be more side activities should be on our open world to-do list.

You can find all confirmed suits in this overview:

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 played

We recently had the opportunity to play Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 for a full 90 minutes. You can find all the impressions from our hands-on session here:

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will be released exclusively for the PlayStation 5 on October 20, 2023 and continues the story of Peter Parker. This time, however, the hero is not alone, but goes on a villain hunt together with his friend and protégé Miles Morales. This time the two tights wearers have to take on Venom and Kraven The Hunter, among others.

Now the GamePro community is in demand: What do you think about the story length? Exactly right or would you have liked a larger story scope?

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