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Master Chief designer weighs in on Halo series: ‘It’s not the Halo I made’

the series of Halo premiered exclusively for Paramount+ quickly became an audience success, being the platform’s biggest premiere to date. streaming. Although some fans were not entirely satisfied with the adaptation to the small screen and the actor who plays the Master Chief, the series already has a second season underway. If you belong to this group we discussed, you are not alone: ​​Marcus Lehto, a Bungie veteran who participated in the desEsports Extrasof the Boss, feels that the Show strays too far from the original material.

“I’m still getting through the series. Lots of mixed emotions and opinionsLehto commented last week through his personal Twitter account. Twitter (via PC Gamer) when asked by a fan about his opinion of the series. After resting the series for a few days, the creative made some more direct comments when a user quoted him in a thread to share his point of view: “I’m not sure where the inspiration for the series comes from now. Is not the Halo what did I do, the Halo what helped to doOn the one hand, it is understandable that Lehto feels that the series is too different from his vision of the saga, although on the other it is worth noting that it has evolved over the years and that he has not been involved in it since 2010 in halo reach.

Marcus Lehto, an essential figure in the development of Halo

Marcus Lehto worked at the art and graphics department from Myth: The Fallen Lords Before becoming the art director of the first Halo, a role I played for the next two numbered installments. Some time later, the creative worked as creative director in halo reachthe last game in the saga developed by Bungie, and left the development studio in 2012 to work on other projects.

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