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Matchday 4 of the Kings League tightens the classification

If people wanted excitement every Sunday, they’re getting it. The Day 4 of the kings league It has ended and they have been able to enjoy great games and some other important superiority. After playing the six games of this fourth round, there is no undefeated team left and both Saiyans FC as 1K FC lose their undefeated status. The classification is tight in all areas, except in the drop, and prepares a very even and competitive field for next Sunday.


The day started with the victory of XBUYER TEAM against Jijantes FC by 3-2 in a heart-stopping match. The buyer’s team got the victory in the last play of the game to the misfortune of Gerard Romero. The level was not going to drop with the second confrontation that would end up being decided on penalties. PIO FC and Kunisports tied 2-2 in the regulation forty minutes, but it was the Kun Agüero squad that took the plunge in the penalty shootout. Both Jijantes and PIO have four defeats and have yet to win.

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1K FC and Saiyans FC reap their first defeats

The first surprise of the day came with the resounding triumph of El Barrio against 1K FC by 2-5. Iker Casillas’ team loses its first game of the season with a harsh result. Porcinos starred in another comfortable victory after the 5-1 against Rayo de Barcelona. Saiyans FC squandered a puncture from 1K to take the solo lead and fell to Annihiladores on penalties after a 1-1 draw in regulation time. The day ended with another beating with the 5-1 from Ultimate Móstoles to Los Troncos. Despite the final superiority, during this match it was possible to enjoy the best goal of the day thanks to Pol Lechuga, the team’s goalkeeper.

After all these results, Saiyans FC remains at the top of the table tied on points with Ultimate Móstoles and Porcinos, teams of DjMariio and Ibai Llanos. If we go down to the bottom of the table, we continue to find the team of Gerard Romero and Rivers.

Despite not reaching the scandalous figures of the last day, the kings league continue to have good figures in twitch Y Youtube. Discover all the information about the event organized by Gerard Piqué in our section Community.

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