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Meet Ballistic, the new legend coming to Apex Legends in the Arsenal season

Before the Apex games there was Thunderdome and its absolute star was August Montgomery Brinkman, better known to the public as Ballistic. But everything changed when he lost his brother-in-law and teammate during a tragic game. Now, 40 years later, Ballistic is back to create a new legend in the Arsenal season of Apex Legends.

Let’s see the story of this tragic character below, in a new ‘history of the wild lands’ subtitled in Spanish.


When does Ballistic come out in Apex Legends?

This character will be officially released to Apex Legends with the arrival of the ‘Arsenal’ season in the update of the Tuesday May 9, 2023. Along with it will come several changes to the maps and game systems.

This is the story of Ballistic, a legend of Thunderdome who comes to face the new generation in the Arsenal season of Apex Legends.

Stay tuned to GamerFocus as we’ll be talking more about Ballistic, the abilities of this new legend, details about the new Arsenal season soon, and our interview with the developers who brought this character to life.

Meanwhile, don’t forget to enjoy Masked, the collection event that begins on Tuesday, April 25 and that it will end just before the arrival of the new season.


Source: Official Apex Legends YouTube channel