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Meet the actress who wants to be Rapunzel in the next Disney movie

meet the actress who wants to be rapunzel in the

Maitreyi Ramakrishnan, the actress, revealed her desire to play Rapunzel in an upcoming movie and proposed that this Disney princess be of South Asian origin.

The actress expressed her enthusiasm for the idea and advocated for the portrayal of a South Asian girl in the role of Rapunzel. According to Maitreyi, it would be a unique opportunity to show the experiences of dark-haired girls who feel trapped in her room without being able to get out due to restrictions imposed by their mothers, without proper reason, she said during a recent interview with CBS. .


This is not an idea that came to him out of the blue, as Maitreyi has been expressing interest in this role for a long time. She has spoken openly about it in other interviews and has also tagged Disney in his tweets to show his seriousness and commitment.

Do tweets have manifestation powers? Who knows, but Maitreyi is willing to show her talent and skills in painting, drawing and sewing a dress for Rapunzel’s character. @ramakrishnannn

Maitreyi’s proposal has sparked a debate about diversity and representation in the entertainment industry. Many have praised his initiative and stressed the importance of Disney films and characters reflecting the diversity of the world in which we live. The idea of ​​a South Asian Rapunzel has sparked interest among fans and raised expectations about what this new version of the character would look like, but it has also sparked controversy over the origins of the original character and not everyone has liked the idea.

Ultimately, Disney’s decision on Rapunzel’s casting rests with them.