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Megan from Splatoon 3 appears to be a non-binary character

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After knowing its date and later more content in the dedicated Nintendo Direct, now we get an interesting message related to this long-awaited game from Nintendo. We are actually talking about Splatoon 3.

In this case, it seems that fans have noticed something interesting: Megan, a member of the Surimi Clan group in this title, appears to be a non-binary character. Although Nintendo has not officially confirmed it, we do have the following indications that point to it:

  • Nintendo hasn’t explicitly mentioned her gender yet.
  • In all languages, their dialogues are written to avoid the need to mention adjectives or other words that indicate their gender.
  • Additionally, Nintendo Life has discovered the following about the character’s Japanese texts:

The game’s Japanese text never refers to Megan with first person pronouns. Terms like ‘atashi’ (for female) or ‘boku’ (for male) are generally used but, again, it seems that a very conscious decision was made not to use such references.

On the other hand, it should be noted that with Angy and Rayan, the other two members of the Surimi Clan, references to the genus have been found. In fact, Angy defines herself as “queen of the eels” in the French version of the introductory video of this musical group.

Finally, Nintendo Life also highlights that the colors The main ones of this title correspond to those of the non-binary flag:

What do you think of this detail? Feel free to share your opinion in the comments. Remember that the title will be available this September 9 on Nintendo Switch.