MeinMMO is looking for an author (m/f/d) in the home office for FIFA / EA Sports FC | Discover News

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MeinMMO is looking for an author (m/f/d) in the home office for FIFA / EA Sports FC | Discover News

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We are looking for reinforcements in our team with immediate effect. You can now apply for a job at MeinMMO to write news, analyzes and specials independently from your home office. The theme is FIFA / EA Sports FC.

Who we are looking for: You should be well versed in gaming, with a focus on FIFA games and the upcoming EA Sports FC.

But you should also be interested in trends in the gaming industry in general, feel comfortable in gaming communities and be willing to familiarize yourself with new topics related to EA Sports FC.

Then we look for:

  • You always know what the FIFA bubble is talking about on Twitter, Twitch and reddit.
  • You are good at explaining things to others. You know which cards dominate in FUT, how to circle free kicks perfectly into a triangle or how every corner becomes dangerous.
  • You are interested in what moves the German community in particular. You know who the biggest German streamers and YouTubers are in the area of ​​FIFA / EA Sports FC.
  • You are familiar with reddit, Twitter, various forums and resetera to inform yourself and hear what moves the community.
  • It is an advantage if you already have experience: your own blog, your own streaming channel or work for another website could be included. But this is not a requirement for the position.
  • You enjoy writing and have an interest in journalistic work.
  • You are curious and open to new topics related to FIFA / EA Sports FC.

We would like to fill the position as quickly and efficiently as possible. Maybe with you.

Danger: This position is intended for self-employed employees. It is not a permanent position.

That’s the job

You will become part of our editorial team and help shape our coverage of FIFA / EA Sports FC.

We are grateful for suggestions and input on how we can improve them. It is important to us that you put the readers first and that you consider which articles are really interesting and important for our readers.

The task field:

  • You write articles on FIFA / EA Sports FC: news, lists, analysis, opinion, community interviews and guides.
  • You search independently for exciting topics that you implement as an article. Here you get support from the editors.
  • You deal with analysis tools like Google Trends to see what the community is really interested in right now.
  • You coordinate with the editors which articles are to be written
  • You accept assignments from the editorial team on the subject of FIFA / EA Sports FC
  • You can optionally take part in workshops that we offer in the field of online and gaming journalism

who we are

MeinMMO was founded in September 2013. Since March 2016 we are part of Webedia Gaming. We maintain an independent editorial team, with most of them working from their home office.

We draw on the resources at our headquarters in Munich, where the GameStar editorial team is also based. GameStar as well as MeinMMO and GamePro are part of Webedia Gaming GmbH.

MeinMMO now reaches over 3 million unique users per month, most recently in January 2021 with a record of 3.36 million according to agof. The site has thus established itself as one of the largest German gaming websites within just a few years.

The focus of MeinMMO is on popular service games that have been developed over the years and played together online. These include titles such as Call of Duty, Diablo 4, World of Warcraft, Lost Ark, New World, Pokemon GO, GTA Online, Fortnite or FIFA.

what we offer

  • The work can be done from the home office
  • You can organize your working hours flexibly, as long as there is room for exchange with the team.
  • You are part of a highly committed team that gives each other feedback and supports each other.
  • You are part of one of the largest gaming sites in Germany.
  • Practical experience in online and gaming journalism.
  • Practical experience in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

The general conditions and application

When is the job for? From now on.

For how many hours is the job? 20 hours a week is possible, with flexible working hours. We need a lot of support for the time around the release of a new “EA Sports FC” title.

What about payment? There are. Details will be clarified in a personal conversation.

What must be in the application?

  • a letter of motivation
  • your tabular CV
  • optional: work samples

When is the deadline? 06/30/2023

Where does the application have to be sent? By email to:

Note on data protection: After we hire someone, we will delete all applications. But before that, everyone should have received an acceptance or rejection.

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