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Meta is preparing to launch Threads, the rival application of Twitter

meta is preparing to launch threads, the rival application of

Since Elon Musk became the CEO of Twitter, his decisions do not seem to have been the best. Starting with the massive layoffs of more than half of its workforce, added to its new subscription business model, Twitter has not received those positive changes that many expected. The social network is not at its best and Meta takes the opportunity to announce Threadsthe rival Twitter app what will be linked to Instagram.

If we see it from the outside, it seems that Twitter hasn’t changed much, since it keeps the same interface and basically fulfills the same function as before. The social network continues to maintain its essence in that it is the same application where we write tweets and react to or share those of others. Internally, there have been many changes, not only in the company itself, but in the platform itself. With Elon Musk and his vision of Twitter 2.0we have seen the blue subscriptionthe insignia of blue, gold or gray colors and how not to forget the last of their decisions when it comes to limit tweets what we read


Meta Threads is a new social network that resembles Twitter and Reddit

threads post

Just a few days ago, Elon Musk announced that a newly created account would be limited to 300 tweets per daywhile the rest of the users would be limited to 600 tweets a day. Of course, if you paid for the Twitter Blue subscription, Musk decided that you could read up to 6,000 tweets per day. This of course caused enormous criticism from users and Elon Musk assured that these limitations would be temporary. In the midst of this chaos on Twitter, Meta takes the opportunity to launch his secret weapon.

goal intended hit twitter with your app Threadswhich has a series of characteristics that remind us of this social network and others such as Reddit (which is not in a good moment either). Threads is a new social network where communities come together to discuss various topics and trends.


Threads is coming on July 6 and links to the Instagram account

Instagram Meta Threads

Living up to its name, Threads will allow you to follow and connect with the people who like the same things, being able to create “union ties” that honor its name. In the same way you can have followers with whom you will share your ideas. Meta Threads appeared on the app store from Apple today, ahead of its official launch. Regarding this, Meta has already warned that it will be the next July 6thso in just two days you can try it on your own.

There is not much information about it, but as we can see in the screenshots, we can use the instagram account and look for our followers. In addition to this, it has functions to give I like, write posts and reply, forward and limit which users can reply to our publications. Meta Threads was launched in 2019 originally to rival Snapchat, but was canceled in the pipeline and is now looking compete against Twitter. In turn, we have Mastodon as the application most similar to Elon Musk’s social network, so we will find ourselves in a situation similar to WhatsApp with Telegram and Signal.

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