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Call of Duty

Meta Quest 2 will have its own version of Call of the Sea in virtual reality in 2023

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Out of the Bluethe USAstudio nominated for a Bafta award with its first game, Call of the Sea, has announced that it is developing Call of the Sea VR exclusively for goal quest 2and it will come out in 2023.

Even more so, since they also inform us in a press release that for this new version completely redesigned for virtual realityNorah’s adventure in search of her husband in the 1930s is nominated for best game in the Immersive Selection of the rain dance festivalwhich recognizes the work of independent VR creators, game designers and virtual world builders, and which at launch will be fully localized into Spanish, English and French.


During this festival, which begins on October 26th, you will be able to access a demo of the game to try it out. Visit the official twitter account of the game to find out how to access it when it becomes available.