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Meta will release some new VR glasses soon, but they will be for professional use

The goal quest 2 they are currently the most famous VR glasses for their excellent results and their relatively cheap price. And it is that these have experienced a price rise of 100 euros recently and many users are waiting for a new version. Apparently we will receive a new model of vr goggles of Goal in a few months, but it won’t be from the Quest range.

mark zuckerbergCEO of Meta, was at the podcast Joe Rogan Experience, talking for almost hours about Meta and virtual martial arts. So far nothing new, but for some reason, Zuckerberg decided reveal the date of their new VR headsets. Of course, these will not be the Meta Quest 3 or some VR Headset intended to play games, but are focused for professionals.

Project Cambria, Meta’s new VR glasses, will arrive in October

Meta New VR Glasses Project Cambria October

The CEO of Meta, formerly known as Facebook, has been detailing his goal of helping people connect with each other. To do this, his new VR glasses project, called Project Cambria, will be aimed at a more professional sector. These will have sensors that will detect facial expressions and the possibility of simulating eye contact with users. Thus, it is possible to obtain a more immersive experience and improve social interactions. Additionally, you will have cameras that they will recreate through virtual overlay the environment where you are.

Thus, for example, you can work on a simulation of your work zone and Zuckerberg says these new Meta VR headsets will be a big step up from the Oculus 2. Project Cambria was meant to be released last year, but it had a delay. However, Zuckerberg has already said the date in which these new Meta VR glasses will go on sale and it will be for October 2022. We also know your price estimated, which will be approximately 800 dollars. Taking into account that the Quest 2 recently went up in price by $100, we wouldn’t be surprised if this changes until its launch.

Meanwhile, Horizon’s VP leaves the company.

Selfie Mark Zuckerberg Horizon Worlds Meta 1

It seemed that Meta was doing well, because they are finally going to launch their new VR glasses for professionals, but if we keep up to date with the company, we know that this is not the case. Just a few days ago, Meta premiered its social network by way of “metaverse” in USA and France, called Horizon Worlds. This was heavily criticized for its decades-old graphics and for not being the metaverse they promised. Now him vice president by horizon, Vivek Sharma, has left Meta and the social network in VR glasses loses one of the most important people who was dedicated to it.

These are being indicators that perhaps the path Meta is taking is not the right one and should really focus on the actual metaverse. Even if it is, teaching more gameplay or its advances, because they have $13 billion invested in the project. Therefore, it is clear that this division of Meta, called reality labs, is experiencing enormous lossessuch as the recent $2.8 billion.

Now, after the resignation of Vivek Sharma, the new position will be filled by Vishhal Shah, vice president of the metaverse of the company. We will see what awaits them in the future, taking into account that Meta prepares 3 new models of VR glasses to launch before 2024apart from the Project Cambria that will arrive in October.

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