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Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty Memes, Characters and more

Breaking the schemes

Postmodernism, as a literary and narrative works usually, is worried, might be summarized as a creative motion through which the works are self – conscious, as continuously query the conventions of their atmosphere, the character of the narrative itself and characterization characters . He continuously performs with the tropes, the matters, and the expectations that the viewer has each about them and about the work itself. On this foundation, we may take into account that Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty  is a postmodern online game. For a lot of, in reality, it’s even the primary online game created on this present [1].

After the worldwide success of Metal Gear Solid  – it managed to promote more than 6 million copies [2] -, it was more than sung that each Hideo Kojima and Konami had been going to proceed with the Metal Gear saga, no matter it was. Nevertheless, from MGS2 we will deduce, from all of the clues that we’re given on this work, that Kojima himself was unhappy concerning the reception of the earlier one . It was a online game with clear antiwar overtones, and in reality this message was closely influenced. Nevertheless, a big half of the gamers ignored it and didn’t look additional: they stayed in what they thought of to be a mere glorification of violence and the traditional motion hero, even if MGS it additionally introduced with it a superb deal of deconstruction of varied tropes and conventions of the style.


Meme, gene, scene

It has been mentioned at size that the themes of the primary three installments containing the tagline “Solid” are, respectively, and in English: gene  (genes), meme , and scene  , which in flip they make a play on phrases with respect to the initials of the saga: MGS . Alternatively, the primary theme of Metal Gear Solid 4: Weapons of the Patriots is sense , the senses and the expertise acquired via them. If we go additional, the metamessage of these 4 titles, taken as half of a tetralogy, is a relatively more ominous and much less apparent one: manipulation. This theme is carefully linked to a different recurrent of the saga: «what are we going to depart for future generations?». On this approach, Metal Gear Solid tells us concerning the manipulation of genes , due to which each Solid Snake and Liquid had been born, and the Genome Troopers. Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater tells a narrative in which there’s manipulation of the context and the geopolitical scene , all in an effort to keep away from nuclear warfare. Weapons of the Patriots presents us with a world through which the manipulation of the senses via nanomachines, digital actuality, and fight dietary supplements, can create troopers ready for battle regardless of having no earlier actual expertise.

Sons of Liberty , in the meantime, contained what might be the darkest message of these 4 titles. The manipulation of info and the strictest management of it by forces, at occasions incomprehensible . How this info is used as a management, coercion, and deception mechanism. And, as well as, how these villains who’ve been behind the scenes – the Patriots – resolve what variety of cultural parts, or conduct – memes – we’re capable of cross on to future generations, infantilizing us throughout the course of, and believing themselves with the ability to resolve for us. His intention could also be noble, however his strategies are excessive, denying any trace of free will on the half of man.

The right deception

Let’s begin from the premise that one of the primary messages of Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty is the management and manipulation of info as a result of, as odd residents – or customers of digital leisure – now we have actively and passively demonstrated our incapability to extract constructive values ​​or messages from every little thing that surrounds us. As an alternative, we take the tales at face worth, questioning their veracity when not relevant, and vice versa. Briefly: they level us to the moon, and we stare on the finger .


Hideo Kojima was nicely conscious of this, which is why he determined to tug off the proper deception with Sons of Liberty after the success of MGS. Metal Gear Solid 2 is a self-aware work within the sense that it is aware of it’s a sequel to Metal Gear Solid , and it additionally is aware of that the participant is aware of that MGS2 is a sequel , which provides them the inexperienced gentle to play as they please. with the expectations of the gamers. Hideo himself acknowledged in an interview the next:

HK: I created the E3 trailer to present everybody a possibility to think about what the ultimate sport shall be like. All rumors might be right. All rumors might be incorrect. One factor is for certain: I feel I am going to be capable of idiot and betray all of you in a pleasing approach.[4]

Roughly talking, it could translate as’ I created the trailer – for MGS2 – for E3 to present everybody an opportunity to think about what the ultimate model of the sport will appear to be. All of the rumors might be right. All rumors might be incorrect. However one factor is for certain: I feel I could possibly idiot you and betray you all in a pleasant approach . This assertion suits with the idea that we suggest of the writer’s intention with respect to his work: to intentionally deceive the consumer and not for a goal as crude as a mere fraud, however in order that his message enters us like a nail. The trailer referenced within the excerpt from a earlier interview was the reveal of Metal Gear Solid 2 at E3 2000, and you possibly can see it beneath these strains:

In it we see, amongst different issues, a complete and full omission of Raiden – the true protagonist of the sport – from the chapter of the Massive Shell plant – the place most of the journey takes place, because the oil tanker is little more than a prologue -, and weapons such because the FAMAS, which additionally doesn’t seem within the sport. All of this was put there in a approach that was as meticulous because it was consider to make the minds of the gamers fill within the gaps . Snake was proven to us, so it was assumed that he was going to be the protagonist once more. The sport sentinels had been additionally proven to carry out actions not seen within the earlier title, so we deduced that the advance in phrases of synthetic intelligence had been appreciable. Briefly:By means of deception by omission, the typical gamer was led to imagine that Sons of Liberty was going to be a sequel to Metal Gear Solid within the strictest sense of the phrase . In reality, on the duvet of the sport itself there’s solely an artwork of Yoji Shinkawa representing Snake, and on the again cowl there’s a choice of screenshots through which there isn’t any hint of Raiden both. Nobody besides these concerned within the scheme may foresee what was actually happening.


More and higher

With the heading that’s on these strains we may summarize fairly concisely what you’d anticipate from any sequel value its salt. In spite of everything, if one thing works, why are you going to vary it? That is often the default pondering when making a second half of any kind of work. Nevertheless, Kojima is not only any writer, and in a single of the conversations of the ultimate stretch of Sons of Liberty he drops a fairly clear clue relating to his intention, and how he felt concerning the success of MGS. Arsenal Gear’s AI, GW, utilizing Colonel Campbell’s avatar, tells Raiden that “simply because it occurs in genetics, info and reminiscence should be filtered to stimulate the evolution of the species.». In different phrases, the one method to transfer ahead is thru new concepts. If we all the time stick with the identical, we don’t advance .

The playable prologue, the tanker chapter, has little impact on the general plot of Metal Gear Solid 2 when in comparison with the plant chapter . In reality, they might have changed it with a collection of cinematic scenes, and so richly. If we give attention to the playable half of Raiden, the similarities with Metal Gear Solid are more than evident. Aside from the truth that, at first of the sport, the Colonel refers to Raiden as “Snake” and, shortly after, adjustments his code identify. The premise can be, broadly talking, the identical: a gaggle of particular forces from the US military has taken over a facility and barricaded itself there, demanding {that a} collection of calls for be met .

Useless Cell is the FOXHOUND from Sons of Liberty . Even a number of of its members are an amalgam of the ultimate bosses of MGS, each for the situation through which we battle towards them, as for the quantity of occasions, or for the strategies we should use to defeat them. The battle towards Fatman is sort of reminiscent of that of Vulcan Raven , because it takes place between a maze of industrial containers, and additionally one of probably the most environment friendly methods to defeat him is to put Claymore mines. The Harrier is sort of reminiscent of the Hind D : it’s an plane that assaults us from all angles, we should shoot it down with Stinger missiles, and it’s piloted by one of Solid Snake’s genetic brothers. We confronted Vamp twice, because it already occurred with Sniper Wolf, being within the second encounter, as well as, crucial to make use of a sniper rifle.


As if these references weren’t clear sufficient, there’s a part through which, managing Raiden, the enemy forces seize us and topic us to torture . Sure,  in Metal Gear Solid the identical factor occurred too . However the humorous factor about this specific occasion is that the torture room is precisely the identical because the one on Shadow Moses Island within the earlier title. All these drugs – there are lots of more – we perceive as a declaration of intent: it’s Kojima’s approach of giving the followers precisely what they requested for: a sequel that virtually traced level by level to the unique work . All in an effort to get the message throughout: we want recent concepts so we do not get slowed down.

Supersoldiers with no actual expertise

Raiden, the true protagonist of Metal Gear Solid 2, is the participant’s avatar on many ranges . It isn’t solely the character that controls who takes management of the sport; it’s also a metaphorical illustration of the typical fan. At the start of the journey, we find out about Raiden a number of curious details. Amongst them that he has no actual fight expertise , however that each one his coaching has consisted of finishing digital actuality (VR) missions, that he has accomplished a simulation of the Shadow Moses incident , and that he is a  Solid Snake fanboy. There isn’t any query: Raiden is the participant . As if that weren’t sufficient, virtually at first of the plant chapter,We should enter our private knowledge as if it had been a role-playing sport .

Such is the extent of comparability, that in a number of flashbacks through which allusion is made to the fight expertise that Raiden has obtained via this synthetic route, what’s proven are video clips of each Metal Gear Solid, in addition to a number of of his VR Missions . Principally, the sport tells us that Raiden has handed MGS, and his VR mission ranges , because the participant. 


Having established this affiliation, we’re going to checklist some relatively curious situations of how the remainder of the characters within the sport world work together with Raiden and, by extension, with us as gamers. One of the issues that Metal Gear Solid 2 needs to get into our heads in any respect prices is that we’re not Solid Snake , this being a criticism of those that use digital leisure as an escape valve. At any time when there’s a scenario reminiscent of one other in MGS in Sons of Liberty, Raiden is way worse off than Snake did in what are theoretically the identical circumstances. Pales as compared. No person takes him severely, and as quickly as his fight expertise comes out as a subject of dialog, the opposite characters haven’t got time to inform him he is a rookie. For instance, Fortune, who’s the primary last boss of the plant chapter, is inconceivable to defeat . As if that weren’t sufficient, he continuously mocks us. Once more, this sends the message for the umpteenth time to get the concept we’re Snake out of our heads.

Development and dissociation of id

The trail to enlightenment that each Raiden and the participant journey is full of a collection of relatively uncomfortable revelations through which, by drawing parallels between each events, the 2 are made recognized that they’re being deceived . The Patriots have duped Raiden primarily based on his earlier expertise and expectations for him to satisfy a selected purpose; it isn’t very totally different from how the typical gamer purchased and performed Sons of Liberty with the intention of embodying a legendary hero. Or, more particularly: with the intention of embodying Solid Snake.

The playable mechanics of the first-person digicam – seeing the world of the sport via the eyes of the controllable character in it – already existed within the earlier title. Nevertheless, right here it positive factors more relevance, because it turns into crucial to maneuver ahead. In a approach, MGS2 intentionally places us bodily and metaphorically inside Raiden , in an effort to get used to him and these new circumstances.


And it’s exactly in direction of the top of Sons of Liberty that the sport, once more, and to reveal one thing, forces us to depart the inside of Raiden. All this coincides with the development of an id of his personal by the character : at this level within the plot there have already been a number of conversations through which it’s established that Raiden shouldn’t be who or what appears to be a priori: he was a baby soldier throughout the Liberian civil warfare, so he has actual fight expertise since his childhood, and psychological issues derived from this even more severe than these of Snake himself.

As we mentioned, this occasion through which the participant’s avatar is dissociated for the primary time is a really particular one: when Raiden obtains the katana and fights, aspect by aspect with Snake, towards the Tengu troopers inside Arsenal Gear . The katana is a stab weapon that we generally affiliate right now with hack ‘n slash titles such as Ninja Gaiden , through which it’s unthinkable to play within the first individual. In reality, probably the most environment friendly method to play together with her geared up in Sons of Liberty is exactly within the third individual, making the participant  get out  of Raiden and, on the similar time, letting the character use his most threatening weapon and the one with which he’s most acquainted. This setpiece it’s also accomplished comparatively simply utilizing this weapon – regardless of having the remainder of our arsenal of firearms out there – so the message appears fairly clear.

Nevertheless, the last word rift between Raiden and the participant comes late within the sport. When Snake asks him if he is aware of the identify on their canine tags, Raiden replies that “he has not heard that identify in his life” and later flings them up and declares that “he’ll select his personal identify and identify. personal life”. Raiden has lastly managed, with the assistance of Solid Snake, to go his personal approach , and not be a mere clear slate that each the Patriots and gamers can manipulate at will.


What’s more: when now we have completed watching the ultimate cinematic scenes and return to the title display screen, we are going to see that it has modified . Earlier than it was dominated by an illustration of Solid Snake in pink, whereas now there’s an paintings of Raiden in blue. The selection of colours shouldn’t be a coincidence both: the pink within the icon within the weapons menu implies that they’re deadly use, whereas blue signifies that they’re non-lethal use. This final kind of weapon was one of the nice novelties of Metal Gear Solid 2, which is why this shade has been related to Raiden . The previous has lastly ended, giving method to the brand new, and the sport hopes that by now the gamers have accepted and embraced what they’ve seen; there isn’t any cause tohold dishonest .

Actuality or fiction?

The plot of Sons of Liberty reached ranges of surrealism by no means earlier than seen each within the saga and on this passion, and that we got here from a online game through which there are folks with psychic powers, witches, and shamans, and the characters assume it’s one thing most mundane. This fixed squandering of the popularity constructed by his predecessor was additional sweetened by a collection of clues that – nonetheless being discredited afterwards by Weapons of the Patriots – hinted that, relying on who you requested, the total chapter of the plant, all Metal Gear Solid 2, or each MGS2 and MGS had been a fiction . A assemble of Raiden’s psyche, or mere digital actuality missions that, for all sensible functions, had no relevance in any respect given his standing.This “digital actuality idea” has been one of the preferred with followers for a few years [5], and we perceive that Kojima intentionally left clues within the sport — for instance, that Raiden’s Recreation Over display screen is precisely the identical. similar as once we fail in a digital actuality mission — exactly to mislead the much less savvy about what is really vital: the message .

Snake himself says it on the finish of the sport in a clearer, inconceivable approach. “Your recollections and the position that you’ve been assigned are issues that it’s important to carry. It does not matter in the event that they had been actual or not; that isn’t the query . What you assume you see is barely as actual as your mind tells you it’s .” Do not be obsessive about phrases. Discover the which means behind them , and then resolve.


Principally, what occurred with Metal Gear Solid 2 was that Kojima needed to deal with the typical participant like a child, all so long as his message was heard. To the ethical of MGS – our actions decide our future, and not our genes – we had so as to add, on this case, that of Sons of Liberty: now we have to attempt to get one thing constructive out of all of the tales we all know, whether or not they’re actual. or not. And, realizing what info and values ​​to transmit to the following technology since genes usually are not every little thing, is how we will guarantee a affluent future each on the species and social degree. Additionally, Take a look at this!

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