Metal Gear Solid Delta: Konami Japan revealed details of the ‘remake’ of Snake Eater

metal gear solid delta: konami japan revealed details of the

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Metal Gear Solid Delta: Konami Japan revealed details of the ‘remake’ of Snake Eater

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Since they officially revealed the new version of the legendary game directed by Hideo Kojima in June’s PlayStation Showcase We have many doubts about this title. We already solved some, like what does the triangle mean in your name. Others were resolved in an Esports ExtrasJapan interview with Konami in which they discussed the development of Metal Gear Solid Deltathe ‘remake’ of Snake Eater.

We are going to list the most interesting details that we found out.

  • As we suspected, Konami confirmed that the director Hideo Kojima and the designer and illustrator Yoji Shinkawa are not involved in the ‘remake’.
  • Diference are he remake of Silent Hill 2which is being developed by a third party, Metal Gear Solid Delta: Snake Eater is being developed by Konami’s internal team.
  • Many years ago a rumor arose that the Singapore studio Virtuos was developing this title. Konami confirmed that they are collaborators on the project, but they are not the main team.
  • Konami had said that it will use the same voice actors as in the original game, but the way they say it in the interview suggests that the voices would not be recorded again, but would use the already existing audios.
  • On the possibility of seeing ‘remakes’ of more titles in the series, Konami said that “we are considering it and listening to what the players say.”
Thanks to an interview with Esports Extraswe learned new details about the Metal Gear Solid Delta: Snake Eater remake from Konami himself.

In addition to the ‘remake’, Konami also announced a relaunch of Metal Gear Solid 1, 2 and 3. These will be part of a package for current platforms along with three more titles.

Source: Esports ExtrasJapan

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