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Meteor Lake, Intel 4 and 18A

Intel’s data has been disastrous, there’s no other way to look at it, but it’s very much on par with what we’re seeing at the end of last year in terms of economic data for other companies in the sector. But in bad weather, a good face, and together with these income data, the blue giant has given a series of interesting notes to update their different products or technologies that are about to arrive. The data provided speaks of many things, but above all, they tell us indirectly that 2023 is almost lost and that hope lies in 2024 and 2025.

The data that Intel has presented last night can be taken as bad or disastrous, since there are some positives. Likewise, the company has to look ahead and this is precisely what it has done in another statement at the investors’ meeting.


Intel 4 is ready, Meteor Lake on the verge of candy

We are going to divide the communiqué into several parts to order it chronologically, otherwise it is a bit chaotic. That being said, we will start with the most imminent temporarily speaking, which is nothing more than the Intel 4 process and Meteor Lake:

Meteor Lake, our first “unbundled” CPU (made in tilesso that we understand each other) built on Intel 4, is still underway for the second half of the year. It was particularly satisfying to host customer and business focused events, including and taking into account testimonials from Dell, Google Cloud, HPE, Lenovo, Microsoft Azure and NVIDIAamong many others.

We are delighted to ramp up production to meet a strong buildup in demand, and are on track to ship 1 million units by mid-year. Granite Rapids, our next performance core addition to the Xeon portfolio, is on track for release in 2024.

You have to translate this a bit, because the data is really good to understand the situation. Meteor Lake is moving forward, on Intel 4 and if all the rumors are true, it will be a laptop-first focused architecture. On PC we will have Raptor Lake – Refreshwhich at the same time is an evolution of the evolution from Alder Lake, what we commonly call a rehash of the rehash, although Raptor Lake added small improvements, it must be said.

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The key point is the units shipped in total. Although it does not say so, Intel is referring to Sapphire Rapids with that million units by mid-year. Comparatively speaking, 1 million Ice Lake CPUs were shipped for server in a month, so when talking about a strong accumulation of demand, it really is not such, there is hardly any direct demand. And if there is as such, it is at most one tenth of 2019-2020.

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Intel 3, Intel 20A, Intel 18A and Lunar Lake: 2024 and 2025

Not long ago we anticipated some things that entered as rumors, now they are confirmed and more information is given. Again, chronologically speaking the story would be like this:

With Meteor Lake progressing well, it’s now appropriate to say that we’re looking forward to Lunar Lake, which is on track to be production-ready in 2024, seeing the first CPU with this architecture, its first silicon, recorded. Lunar Lake is optimized for performance ultra low powerwhich will enable more of our PC partners to create ultra-thin and lightweight systems for mobile users.

Intel 3 continues to show great health and is on the way. Intel 20A and Intel 18A are in phase of Tape Out with their chips. Also, we continue to make progress on Intel 18A, and I have already shared the engineering release of PDK 0.5 with our core customers and we hope to have the final release version in production in the coming weeks.

emerald rapids will arrive in the second half of 2023, Granite Rapids and SRF will do it in 2024. We will achieve leadership 2025 with Intel 18Abut before, IFS (Intel Foundry Services) will achieve big victories against its rivals with the named designs, in addition to the new Intel 16.


As we saw and said at the time, 2023 is almost KO, the hopes are Raptor Lake-Refresh (of which almost nothing is said, nor are there almost any rumors) Meteor Lake as a great asset on the desktop and Sapphire Rapids / Esmeral Rapids on servers.. And stop counting.

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In GPU, at most, we will see an update of the current Ark (still to be confirmed, they are rumors without much basis, for now), because Celestial as such is already for 2024. So, Meteor Lake for desktop PC, when will it arrive? The answer is another question will it really come It is not at all clear that Intel bets on the architecture as such, that is, exporting it to PC. It may integrate some improvements and be launched under another name, as we say, it is not clear why the information does not distinguish between sectors.


The easiest thing, of course, would be to launch it for PCs and laptops at the same time, especially considering that Intel has confirmed that its Intel 4 process is more than finished and running. We will keep reporting.


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