4A Games has announced that Metro Exodus now features a free, fully integrated mod editor. known as Exodus SDKthis feature allows players to create standalone content from within an editor that is “as it was the day we launched Metro Exodus.”

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A recent blog post notes that the Editor SDK suite is fully compatible with Mod.io, as well as easy sharing of produced content, all in addition to a visual script editor, tutorial levels, and a fully accessible sandbox level. .

4A Games has pointed out that there is a small caveat to what can be done with the editing pack, and that is that it cannot be used for commercial purposes, which means that it is designed solely to produce additional free content created by the community.

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The developer has also stated that it is not going into the engine licensing business, and that this is simply “a community thing.”

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Although you can try it from today, the Metro Exodus SDK engine will be improving day by day.

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