Metroid Fusion is next to join Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack

A few weeks from surprise release of Metroid Prime Remastered on Nintendo Switch, his godbrother is likewise resurrected. When they announced the Game Boy Advance Games for Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack, we knew that Metroid Fusion was among the future additions. The GBA game will be available on Switch from March 9 (or the night before, as usual).

Its close arrival at Nintendo’s ‘premium’ subscription service is not fortuitous. Metroid Prime for GameCube and Metroid Fusion they were released in November 2002 just one day apart. Nintendo’s strategy was to offer joint experiences in home and portable formats. Each game belongs to a different genre, being Metroid Fusion officially “Metroid 4”, canonical successor to Super Metroid (later it would be of Metroid: Other Mbut we will not light the embers).

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Unlike the GameCube and GBA, we won’t be able to link both versions on Switch to unlock the Fusion suit and the NES game on Prime.

Metroid Fusion was for nearly two decades the last chronological adventure of Samus Aran until the arrival of Metroid Dread to Nintendo Switch, game of the year 2021 at GamerFocus. The bounty hunter must answer the emergency call to a Space Biological Laboratories or BSL, which orbit the planet SR388. Inside it, he finds species of Zebes and the so-called X parasites, which lead him to find his disturbing evil replica: the SA-X.

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The relationship of Metroid Fusion with Metroid: Other M It is stronger than it seems, since they share a similar scenario in a bottle ship, the boss Nightmare, a clone of Ridley and even a research section dedicated to metroids. The dark intentions of the Galactic Federation are exposed once again, and Samus is the only one who can extinguish the threat of SR388’s X-parasites.

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Those that the Chozo feared so much and that gave birth to the genetic creation of the metroids.

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